Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

after,_ yea one that hath.a charge elfwhere, may convert many neigh - urs, that were not Converted, and yet it will not follow that hemull come, and fet up another Church there for that, nor that they mutt re- move their dwelling to follow him. let I con- B fejs that he 5' Becaufe a man may (and abundánce of excellent preachers have that i con- done it) convert many fouls in manyCountries where they go at great verteth ma-difances from eachother : Buthe cannot be the Bifhopof fomany peor .ny coeteris ple or Churches fo far difperfed. paribus is fitteft to be chofen for their Pallor e on which account Greg. Naziarz was chofen at Conftanri- nople , for the Succefs of his MtnJry againft Arianifm: And in my Church-Htftory, I have told you of a Council that decreed, that if a Bifhop negleIled to turn any of his City from here- fie, he that. converted them (hould have them for his flock! which fbeweth that there might on ¡lift caufe be then more Btihops andChurches than one in a City andthat they were not neceffarily meafured the con;oalsofground, but Churches might be mint among each other as to haeitation,en fach occafions. 6. Becaufe it would make it uncertain who it is thatbathany where the Epifcopal power. For Converfion is, I. a fecret work known only to theperfon converted: 2. And it is an obfcureand ufually a gradual work, not done atonce, hut by fuch degrees, that the convert feldome knoweth himfelf whoItwas that converted him : Though hemay know that one mans miniftry fo far convinced him,' andanother fo far, and to on It will be hard to fay juil when it came to aconverfon. , And if you fay it is he that perfwaded him to be baptized, that may be. a lay man, or long after his Converfion. Princes in Tome Countries force or perfwade thoufands tobe baptized. If you fay, that it is be that baptizedhim, thanPatel fhould be Pallor but to few of theCorinthians, who thanked God that he baptized noneof them but Stephanus houfhold, Gaiatr and Crifpus ; as bang not fent to baptize, but to preach the Gofpel. 7. Becaufe elfe many perlons fhould be neceflìtated to choofe a bad or very weak man, if not a heretick for their Bithop, when they may bave far better and abler men. For it bath been known that abadMini- fter; and a heretical Minifter, much more very weak Miniller bath con.- vettedmen. But Cod doth not allow fuch converts therefore to call their Souls under thedanger and difaduantage of fucha onesMiniftrÿ, or o- verfights when much fitter may be had. $. Becaufe both nature and Scripture example direer men to another courfe; thatis, r. To bem.embersof the Church where they are coha- bitants, if there be a worthy Pallor i 2. And to get the bell they.. can. For cohabitation or proximity or vicinity is neceffary to Church ends, both to publick andprivate communion and mutual help, 'But the Mi- n ilicr that convert!: themmay dwell far off that. Therefore indeed the Rcafons why all in a City and vicinity werewont to be of the fame Clutr:h (if there -were room) was not becaufe that Minífler converted them, but becaule they were fit for fuch Communion á $&ubabítatioa > And,