Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(125) 9. And wereit otherwife the Bithop and his Presbyters preaching to the fame peo ple, the Presbyt er 'nightconvert more and become. joint; Eilhop. 'o. And certainly it would unbifhop all the Englith Bifhopsalmoft that I am acquainted with, who nether converted their Diocefes from Infidelity , nor baptizedthem, nor convert many that ever we hearof from a wicked life, to ferions holinefs : which the -Presbyters have done by very many, and fo mull there be made the Bifhops (if they would.) -- CHAP. X. That a particular Church of the All or loweft order, mutt =- RI of Neighbour Chriftians aciated for Pertanal Commu- nion in local pretence, in holy worjbip and converftion ; and not offtrangres fo remote, as have only an Internal Heart- . Communion, or an External Communion by the mediation of o- thers. LEt it be here noted (that none dailywith the Name [Church] .as an. equivocal, that, a. I fpeak of no Meer Community of Chriflians, nor of any accidentali affembly, which have no Paftors, or no intent of facred ends ; Call them what you will : But of a proper Chriftian fo- ciety confiituted of the Parsgubernans and the Parsgubernata ; the Pallor and Flock. 2. That I fpeak not ofa Family Church, which conflleth of the Matter and the Family. 3. -Nor yet ofthe Univerfal Political Church, as-vifible or as myllicall: which cgnffteth of Chriftthe head, and all vi- fible or fincere believers. ç, Ncr of any Chrifi"ian Churches confined by Agreement for Concord of Churches, being many. 5. Nor of any fuck Churches accidentaly- united in one kingdom, under one king or Civil Governor,, whether Chriflian or Infidel. 6. Nor of many Churches headed by humane appointment with one Metropolitans, Primate or Patriack, being a Pallor thus exalted by men abovethe red. 7.Nnr yet of many Churches under one Arch- Bifhopor general Apoffolical Vitìto or Pallor, claiming this general overfight by Divine right (whetherright- ly or wrongfully I now take nonotice) 8. But the Church which- I treat of is, only the political focietyof Chrillians of the lid ranck (and fo of a Bithop of the lowell ranck, or a meet Bithop that is no Arch-B fhop ). Not of an Oratory, or Chappel of Cafe, wherepart ofa true Church often meet ; but ofa true entire Church ofthe fìril magn.tude nc rank. And I take it for granted t. That fuch.Churches thee :lhould-b°, a. R d and