Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

".4 (' 1 31 > CHAP. XI.. Mat aBPI or Paffor ofaparticular Church of thefillk l rankafore . defiribed, rnfl Govern it fiatedly,, as prefent by hintfélf, and.noti as in abfence by another. Holy Chry- N Othinghath more deceived men Cnextto Infidelity and'Carnality)" tvttom de in this controverts, than want of experience: Judging by a node of i..cerdotio words,offuch matters as they never faithfuly tryed. Elad men well tryeel Éven7nboi á few years what it is to do the. Office ofa Pahor,they would eafilyknow fo fmall a to whom it bclongeth, But when either tTniverfity (indents, or No- part ofa mina]. Pallors do hand by and look òn, or read and hear only of thename llrfhops it of Church- Power and Government;andnever did more themfelves, than hagesas: to preach and fay th_ fervice ofthe Church; or now and then vifit a tick the care of span, or dine or talk.on the by witha neighbours orat moll hear Chu- virgins ten fay their,Catechifm, it is-no wonder it they talk at randome, and faith. Butifthink that aman may be the only Bifhop of many hundred Churches, rhárrheasand Govern themper alios, or. at twenty, or fourty, or an hundred miles no need ofadtllance, by meer vthting or meeting the Clergy, anddining with them Bifbop to, once inthree Years. meddle with josh things as thefe; Let him know that-upon him will fall'allthe cares ofVirgins duty, and fo all she accufations which flail becaft on Virgins: And therefore it ismuch better if headminiftring thebufi. nefs himfelfhe (hall be void of thofeçaufes, which hemuff fo-feine byothers offences ; thus leaving that ar(minif ration to live in fear ofgiving account or being judged . fir the finswhich others do commit. Adde alto, that hethat performed, this office by himfelf, tranfabketh all with great facility. But he that is ne- cefiitated to do ¡Ph), the vicariouslabour ofothers, beides that it is agreat bufinefr tohim to perfwade all men: mindswell to performe.the wort¿.; certainlyhe himfelfpath not fo much remion ofhis labour by ab- fiaining from that office , as he muff Maine bufinefs and troublesfrom them that refit, andfrive againff his judgment and opinion.) And if fo great a Biftiop as the :Patriarksof Contlantinople muffnotdo,f, 014a partofhis workper alios, alas, whata lrfedoourDiorefans live.! I,(hall here therefore prove that the natureofthePrimary Epifcopacy (or Particular; if the word Primary be cavilled at ) is fuch, as cannot bedone in abfence, norper fubtlitutes, in any of itsProperparts, but,oaly by a prefent Bebop or Pafor. himfelf. Andhere firliremember that Ifay [in- anyofits properparts, as difcinguifh- ing the proper wotks of the facred Minifiry, from thofe that are commxn, -ordthofe that are but Accidents orCircumflautial. As a Bi- (hop may,plow his land, or build his houfe, or faddle his horfe, ,byan- other, fo I doubt not but he mayappoint another to tollthe Bell toChurch, to cover theholy Table, to receive Collections, to read Proclamations, te. keep the Church doors, to repair the building, to bring reliefto the Ppagr, to dry that ,ab9.ub_faced..thines, whicbiscomman,tel, Lay mend VKltla