Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(i3.5- with Miniflers; even to read the Pfaim , tochufe it, to fet the tune, to, publifh Marriages, to name to the people the timesof meeting, to read the Scriptures, to be meffengers to fummon accufed offenders, to tell the Church, to fummon witneffes, to hear witneffes and confeííions; All theft he may appoint a fervant or another to do, becaufe theyare but accidental to his Office, and noparrofhis proper work; but that his proper workmull be done by himfelf, and'that as prefent ordinarily with the people, whom he Governeth,, the enumerations of the particular will evince. r. The work of filch. a. Bilhop is Publick in the facred Affemblies. 2. Or out of the. Affemblies by way of applicatioon to particular Pei ions andcafes., r. In the Affemblies, r. It is the Bifliops office tobe the chief Teach, eroi the Church , to preach, 'alma, exhort and'comfort them ufuallyí himfelf; And when he doth it not himfelf to, appoint another, and judge of his performance. (1 (hall referve the proof to the ad. parr,, wherealk this is to a.further ufè.) And this is the weirk, cfone that is prefënt. 2. He isto be themouth or Interceffor of the', people, asa Paid} un- der. Chrifi the Great high Prieh and Intercefför : To pray in the Af femhly,.tobe their mouth in the common.confeflion of fins: Topraife God and give thanks with and for them ; . to whomthey are to joyn in contentwith theirAmen,(at leaff.) And this is the work of a'prefnt Per- ton. 3. He is toBaptize and..admit perfòns into the vifible Church , Or to try and judg who is fit tobe Baptized, and to admit them by fome other Miniher of Chrifl; buthe can neither Baptize, nor try and judge particularly who is tobe baptized (at leali of theAdult) unlefs he be prefent and. know.the perfòns, and hear his confeflion and receive his claime. 4, He is to ,Celebrate the Supper of the Lord, to confecrate the Bread and wine, tobe the Meflengerof Chrifl in his nameto deliver them ashis body and blood, and the Seals of his Love, and of Remif fion of. fins unto the people, and fo to commemorate his death till he : come, and as hisStewardto give his feafon; but this is all the workofa Prefentandnot an abfent:Perfon. 5. Heis ,to be the judge of the claime and titleof the perfons that come to the Churches Communion ; to fee that Infidels -and incapable perfonsbe not there, whichisnot welldone by one that is not ordinari- 1y prefent, even: in..the Adtninifiration to fee to whom it isadmini, *red. 6. He is to be the chief publick reprover, and admonisherof Scan-, dalous,perfonsby name, who are foto beopenly reproved and admo- nifhed in the Church, whichhecannot well do if he benot in the. Church:. himfelf.., S 3; 7 i. lie.