Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

('34) 7. tie is to be the chief publick Excommunicator of the bbflinately Wicked, to declare before all that fuch a perfon is uncapable of corn reunion with the Church which is not well done by one that is not there to do it; as (hall anon be further opened. '8. The fame is to be faid of publick Abfolution, when the Penitent is publikely taken into the Church , or judged and declared to be That Chr f Abfolvcd. Mar. ,a. in And the blefiin of the people in the nameof the Lord, at the f>is cell the 9 . g p P Church, dilmilfìon of the Affembly bath of old been referved to. the Bithop as his meaner', part which is fo be done by one that is there prefent. tenth'. con- I L And as for afore asof Application to perfons and cáfes whichare $lf ¿ÿn,. to be done out of the Ailêmbly, a. Tobe at hand for the peopla to mutrirude, repair to in their greater doubts for refolution, and greatefl difficui- and nor only ties for direc`fion (as a Phyfician among the fick) is not the leaf£ part gtellanab-of the true Bifho swork. And this requireth his ufual refence and tent Moce- P q P fan Bifaop ;tome acquaintance ufuallywith the perfons life: Noman will expel that (when per-all filch doubting people travaile to a firange Bithop many fcoe- milts bapsone diflart, or out of their reach. çitg tile, 2. To hear thcconfcflions and cats of burdenedpenitent fouls and to tell hint), to (bred them in the true way to peace and comfort, is a- fpecial part of , fee Grotias the Bishops work befides his refolutionof Doctrinal doubts which re- himfelfin 'guireth pretence, and acquaintance (ulually) with the patron. hisannot. i 3 t partOf-the Bithò s work to watch over the peoples eonverfa- onthe Text andhis tion, and to fee that they live not inmortal finsor fcandalous.courfes; proofout of and to reprove them that do, and draw them to repentance.. And all Tertulhan this is a prefent perfons work. and others. 4. It is the Bishops work to fee that the families of the flock be or- Seealt F.rafmus dered in the fear of God, and that Parents and Mailers do their duties, on the place.andindulgenot wickednefs'in their houles, whichisalfoa prefent per- ,And many Ions work. the 5 It is the Bithops work to vifit the Lick and to pray with and for thou fame, foethem, which rcquireth prefence. would have the Church to beply the Bi¡hop, or as otherl'the Presbytery. Rurherfords contrary reafon is but afalláy, [The fameChurch that muff beheard muft be told;but it it not the Congregationbut the Elderr that muff be heard. Ergo &c. Aar. re Church confißing of the Fafor andpeople muf be told and they have all ears that without conpufvt can hear at once, but they cannot without confifion all fpeak at once, there- pre one Muff fpcal for all. For this ärgument would equallyprove that it is not any Presbyteryor Court, or many Minfers that fhould be told, if' it be but one that is to fpe-al¿ to the finner : And it is not nece fry that they all fpeak to him. Ar the chief judge Jeaketh for all the Bench, and the, Prolocutor fir all the Synod, andyet the Court or Synod may be complained to ; fo is it hear The fame man may fee with two eyes and hear with twoears, and yetfpeak butwith one tongue (yet this realn oncedeceived me.) Seeing then thatChrift, infitured thus much of difcipline in each particular Chrirch-, it is clear that by his i4litution etcny particular Church (afj/elated for prefential Communion) Jbould have one or more pufiors authonKed for fò much difcipline which is that which we plead for. 6. It