Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

044) 4; what isit then, is it tobethe Kings Ecclefiaftical Council, topre pare fuch Canons as he {hall ena& ? Of Canons I (hall fay more anon. But though Patters may be the fitteft to Council Kings, yet that giveth them no power,: nor doth aptitude make an office, nor is the King ryed to them , but may advice which whom he *are. And experienced prefent Paftors, areufually fitter to give advice in the mattersof Religi- on, than they. Andeven Civil impartial Noblemen ha.e ufually pro- ved wifcr, fobercr and more peaceable and lappy Church Councellours, than the intereffed partial. Clergy. I am not of Erallus mind, that all Church Government belongeth to the Magifirates. T have lately publithed my judgment of that mat- ter in certain Propofirions to Luday. Molineu.r. But Igrant to him, and all.fober impartial Divinesdogrant, that all forceing Government `by the Sword, belongeth to Magiftrates (and Parents) only, and not to any Bithops as fuch. It foiloweth therefore that no Bithops power extendeth to any other effeét, but -only to workon the Con(ciences ofVolunteers, unlefs as the Magiftrates or Parents may conftraine them by penalties to fubmit to it.. Suppofe therefore a while that the Magifirates force were withdrawn from your difcipline, and left it to it felt, youwould then know bet - ter by experience wherein its firength confined. That man would then -Rule the peoplemoft, who did molt effe&ually convince their reafon, and prevaile with Confcience : and further nothingwould be done , Are not our Bithops well aware of this Do theynot themfelves . confefs how little their Government would lignifie above the Govern- ment of prefent . Presbyters, unlefs they could give clear convincing Reafons to the people, which abfcnt firangers are unlike to do? What do, you thinkyour peculiar power would lignifie in one year above aPresby ter:s, if the Magiftrate left all at liberty in their Church obedience to their Patters, would not the. prefent Patters carry almoft all , with the ben and foberell of the flocks ? E,fprcially where Bithops make it their office to forbid the Pallets to do theirs, and to keep them from Preaching the word of life ? Their holding fail thefecalar conjunft power, and ufing it fo much doth thew what they truft to !they fay themfelves, what would the Kéys lignifie without the Sword ? and the, Eilhops Government prevail, wherenone are punifhed for defpifing it if the Bithop excommunicate a faithful] Preacher, neither he nor his flock will much regardit, but gee on in the fervidof the Lord. And perhaps tome will excommunicate the Eifbop and be even with him. O ! that the Magifirates would a few Years try what the Keys can do in England of themfelves, and valeantquantum valere potant. Not that I would with him to leave offhisown duty, topunifh fin i but let it not be mixed with: Church Offices, fo, as that all that (hall be imputed to the- BithopsKeys, which is cffeéted only by the Magiftrates Sword. I deny not but the ivfagiftrate may moderately drive men to hear Gods word , and to do tLe