Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

040 this or that tobecome Decent and Orderly and fo a duty. And mak eth it my duty to fpcak this or that word, to this or that perfon, or to' do this or that particular good work. Even by varying octagons, acci- dents and circumftances of things. 2. But if dick Canons make new duties which God' bath not made," r.If it bé to the Laity, the Presbyters may' do the like ; for they are Guides alto of the Laity; unlefs theyare forbidden by a fuperior pow- er : If it be only to the Presbyters, that will not reach our prefent as (hall be further (hewed afterward. 3. If it be to the Bilhops them- fcives, they cannot beLaws, but meer agreements, becaufe one Bifhops is not the proper Governour of another ; nor many of one ; nor the pre- fent in Council of the abfent as fuch. And here by the way it is worthy to benoted howmuch the Dioce -- fines contradiët themfelves, in this claim of Government: They fay that. they are of a diftint order and office frommeer Presbyters, be-- caufe they have power to Govern them. And yet they make, r. A Council of Bifhops to have as high a governingpower over particular Bilhops_of the fame order :. 2. And an Arch-Bishop to be the Gover- nour of Bifhops ; 3. And a Primate or Patriarch to be the Governour of Arch.Biffaops, and yet not to be of a diftiná'r Order, or office, but only of a diltinft dfgree in the accidentals of the fame order. If Go-' vernment prove a dfliinét Order, or Office in one, it will do fo in the o- ther. And why may not the lvlagihrate make all the fameCanons who' ruleth them all ? But let us confider what thefe.Canors,may be; r. The Bi(hops make. Canons, how often Synods or Council's thal"l be held, and when and'' ", where, and when they (hall be diffolved. But, r. May not the King- do the fame? And can that be proper to Bifhops which the King may do ? Yea which all Emperours.have formerly ufed ? 2. And is not this Cannon made to rule B;fhaps themfelves? who is it but Bi(hcps (or foe much as them) that you think (hould be called untoCouncils? And are the Bishops in Council of another order than themfelves out of Council ? Necdwe an office of Bifhops to rule Bishops of the fame ófhce? a. Cartons are made about Temples, Buildings, Tithes, Glebes, Bells, Pulpits, Seats Tables, Cups, Fonts, and other utenfils. And i. who doubteth but the Magiftrate may do all this? yea that it belongeth-to him to regulate filch thingsas thefe ? 2. And whoknoweth -npt that even Bi(hops are -under thefe Canons alto, -who are ofthe'fameorder 3. And that Presbyters (even in England) arc members oftheft Synods, and fo make Canons to rule the Biíhops> Ergo, they areofa fuperior order- to Bithops byyour reafoning. 3. Canons ate made for the regulating of Minliters attire,inthe Church -- and out, and for "officiating garments, as" furplices &c. And of theft I'"Fáy -the fame as of the former. The King may do the fame as Bilhops may do , and Bifhops themfeives are bound by thorn , and V. hres5y-c:s:, -a