Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

'`Presbyters make them, which three things prove that it isnot the proper work of Bill-lops as 'a diain& order from meer Presbyters., ç. Canons'are made for'worfhip Ge,!tires ; in what gefture to pray, to receive the Sacrament, to u4e the Creed, &c. And the fame Ewers ferve to this alto, asto the cafe in hand. 5. Canons are made for Flolidaies, publick Fafls, and Thankfgivings, and Ledure.daies. And the fame three confderations fall in here. 6. Canons are.made for the ordering officers, fees, and fuch like in BifhopsCourts. And here all the fame three things fall in, t .- The King may do it,'2. It is Bifhops that are ruled, 3. Presbyters alfa make the Canons, therefore it is not jnre elmino the proper work ofa.diflinec ' Order. 7. Canons are made for the choice of what Tranflation ofthe Biblelhall beufed in all the Churches, and what verrion or meetreof the ringing Pfalmes. Andofthisalto the three former things hold true. S. Canons arc made to impofcaLiturgie,in what words Minifiers !hall fpeak to God and to the people. And, í. This alfo the King may do and dóth, 2. And it obligati Bifhops. 3. And Presbyters make it. 9. Canons are made againfl Schifmaricks,. newDifcipline -and confli- tutions, non-fubfcribers, únlicenfed Preachers, for the book ofArticles, ofordination, forCatechizing, Preaching, Marrying, Burying, Chrifl ing, and fach like: In all which each of, the faid three anfwers hold. zo. Canons aremade tokeep Parents from opencovenanting to God for their Children hi Baptifin, that they !hall not beurged to be pre- feet, that God - fathers do that ofhçe and not they ; As alío that none be baptized without the transient Image of aCrofì , and fuch like : whe- ther this be well or ill, done, the three former anfwers all hold ira this. s I. All the Canons that are for the refiraint of fin, as negle of Church woríhip, prophaning Of it, and other abufes, have the fame ccnfure. 12. The circumftantiating Canons, how aft Bithops fhailconfirm, and whom they !hall ordaiie , and howoft, and how oft the Common prayer be read , the Surplice warne, the Sacraments adtr,inifired, in what place, what .Regitiers to be kept, what order to be obferved in reading the Scriptures and the Apocrypha, with abundance the like, have all the forefaid anfwers to prove that they areno properwork of a diftinft order. There retnaineth therefore but the determination of prefent circum fiances, which are partofthe Minifers proper work , or the Ladrurer or Clerkes at lull. As, z. W'hat text to Preach on to day. How to expound it, and apply it : Inwhat method to Preach : What words to of : How long to Preach; e. In wha t method, wordsand length:to ;pray (where free Prayer is allowed) 3. What particular Ffaltir to Sing,