Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(151)' Sing, and in what tune ; 4. Oa what particular daícs to adminidft r At Lords supper, btftdes the great dales (Eatler, \Vhitfuntid.ì what hour to go to Church, parElnm v'ftt, andwhen: An what (inncr o re particular prove oradmonilh perfonally. And who is robe taken for a truc penitent and abfolved in foro pxnite'ui'li or privately (as they ditlinguifh, all thcfe arc either the perfonal work of him that ofbciateth) (as chewing his mèat of a man before he (Wallow it and dcgelf it ; or aschoofing his medicaments is to the Phyhcian) and tohis calling, which none Ihould hinder him in (of which I make no quellinn) And if fo, it i; not the proper work ofa Eifhop. Or elfe it is fit that this liberty be taken from him, and that other teen choofe for him every day his Text, his Method , his words, his tune, his hour and the refl. And ifEa, when this alto (hall bemadc a Canon, nodoubt but the King and Parliament and Presby- ters in convocation, will all have a hand in it ; and perhaps the Bi(hop s beunder the Canon as well as others, Yet then we havenot found out a Bithops proper work unlcl it were when he is pref.-cm in the fame al fen.blies to govcrne the work in all thcfe circum(lances, in which I do not contend againfl him, I I. If then it lie not in Legitlation or Canon making, let us confider whether it lie in judgin.; orcxc:cuing. And thismuff be chiefly about Excamm:rnic.rtion and Alifhlutian, as it concerneth the Laity. And here, r. The bulinefs is not to judgeof theLaw, bat of the Pcrfon by theLaw. It is no; to judge in plaine cafes, whether we muff avoid an impenitent Fornicator , a Drunkard, aBlafphctncr, an Heretlek, :. For if the Biilhops fa; nay, we mull not believe him or obey him. And for diffi- cult lollarces, of the fpeeice of fins dcfcrving, it is partly the work of an expo ì:or of Scripture, to determineof them, and partly of the Canons and Lawsof the land, where Magilirates and Presbyters are efficient, an I Bi!hu ;s t'rcndilves obliged as well as Presbyters. The bulincfs Mc' cfore is to ju.!gc whether rbir pert n be guilty offuch r,.,t unto? áCrin :e, and. 2. whether he be impenitent therein. And that sthis eett nnb,n.1 is the work of a Parocbur, that is, a Cohabiting. Pallor, who is upon n,r,f: the the place, and knoweth the parties, and not of a firange Bishop over a cud;;nrnt of athoufañd or many hundred Churches, I have partly (hewed b :fore, and partly (hall (hew now, and partly hereafter. AtTthe pi-dent let the c :71 unexperictaced confider of this which ally Novice that is upon the place may know. Ji de ft: ,: , leiprth. p.r. 1. t. pat. 'Is 2. Col. 2..e'r Gregor. Sa'ras Ti. 2.1. i.e. 17. nam, 2. g.3, t c. And indeed t/cy con- clude that out of the cafe offeandat, Ma ;rate: Law:, uninti materially, t' is, ta the C.ummvir hint, or that are again,4 nmm,ngoxf, bind !Dr in Cnr,Gien :c; tie Id. Fragola 1:'.p. 112. n. 234. 336. W.-) eiteth.thennfmt of Silvcfi. Tables. raid. Er;cl. F3ofiienf. & Do orum Communirer. S, that .,1r. John Iiumfrcyit not finvilar, in hi; reidiutian f this Cat:, th,uet ¡gave hint many cestini; and limitations in the Lerce, part ofwhich b:bath ;Tinted in thecad ;'f hù W*(. I.A '-t