Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

deed. 3. Hetaketh himfelf for Orthodox and you for the Heretick. 4. And all his followers are of his mind. How then will you filence. aHeretiçk without the Sword .If you convince him of his, errour you (hall not need to flerce him; for he will leave his errour rather than. his Minifiry : But ifyou convince him not of his errour, youwill hardly convincehim, that beéaufeof that errour, hemuft be filent ; ( nor,con+ vince,his followers that they muftmot hear hint). 3. All the que(fion thereforethat remaineth, is, rrhetherin unitnown, doubtful cafes, you are the , fudges of Herefrë, Errour, Schifm , and of mena unn'ortbinefs to Preach. And here. a. I need not tell, you that by this wayyoucan never filenceeither the Arriasr, or. any that, deny your au- thority. Of which fort you know are molt that you filence in this age and Nation. No, nora Donatift, allovatian, or.any one that is for theoffice ofBi(hops, but takethyou for no Bifhopas beingunduely cal- led : Ofwhich fort were abundance of Chriftians towards each others Bithops in former ages and fuch are the Papifts now towardsyou. So that neitherPapili nor Prote(ìant that I-ever knew tilenced by you, doth forbear upon Confcience ofthis your pretended authority at all..: And what a filencing power is that which fcarce any man wouldbeever; fì.lenced by ? Youcannot choofebut know this tobe true.. a. And really, fhould Magifirates.themfelves be fo fervile to, you . as to filence all. Minifters by the, Sword, whom a Prelate judgeth to be filent, while he knoweth not whether:it be defervedly or not ;- God forbid that Protelants, like the Popes, should make Kings to be their Executioners, Or hangmen. A meet Executioner indeed isnot bound to , know or examine , whether, the fentence was juft or not, (though in molt cafes to forbear if it be notorioufly unjuft) but what Kingor Magifirate doth, he mull do as a publick Judge, and therefore. mull hear the caufe himfelf, and try whether he be really guilty, ornot, and:notonly whetherABithop judged him fo. Elfe:Magiftrates will ei- ther be involved inthe bloody fin of perfecution,, as oft as a Prelate will . bet command them ; and fo mull be damned and help to damn. others, when Prelates pleafe :.Orelfe it is no fin for a Magifirate to filence all the,holyeft Minifiers of Chrift, to the damnation of thoufandsof ig- norant untaught Souls, fo be it the Prelates dobut bid him, and he keep himfelf unacquainted, with the caufe. And next theymull the Counfel at Lateran fub,.Inoc. 3. And exterminate all fubjeds, out of their Dominions (though itbeall that are there) andmull,; burn, Holy-Chritlians,to alh ;, besaufe the Pope. or., Prelates bid, them.. 3. Ineednot, make alto a particular.:application of this cafe to the people: When they know,nothing butwife and found and holy inthe â odrineorlifeof theirPaflors,. and God bidsthem knowfach al labour- among them and are over them in the Lord, andhighly ejteem :them: in Lave fartheir,workfakg ; theywill hardly,be fo.debauchedas to violate cátnmaiadtthisi