Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

by God to forbid him to Preach. For it muff be in one of there three cafes or all that youhave this power. a. Either to filence him as a Here, tick that is no Heretick, or not proved fuch. 2. Or to iffence him as a Heretick that notorfoufly and provedlyisa Heretick. 3. Or to filence himas a Heretick in a doubtful cafe to others, but judged 'Hereie íme. by you. a. In thefirff cafe neither the injured perfon, nor any that know that you injure him will or muff obeyyou. Elfe amalignant Prelate might filence all the holiefi and worthieli Minifters of Chrift, and it would beat fuch mens mercy, whether Chrift fhould have Churches, or the people fhould be Chriftians or bé faved. I am one of the a Boo that have been filencedby better authority than the `Prelates'' alone, and yet I think I am bound in Confcience to exercife theMínilirywhich I receiv cd, whatever I fufler, to the utniof ofmy opportunity. And if the Sword fireightened my opportunity nomore than my Confc'enèe of the Diocefans Prohibition, I fhould be but very little hindered. 2. In the id. cafe (of notorious Here-fie) all good Chrifiians are boundbyGod toavoid fuch a man, though you never filenced him, yea thoughyou licenfed him ; yea though you commanded them to her him : And fo Magiflrates are bound to do theirduty in refraining him, Can you deny this ? Muff the peoples Souls be poyfoned and dam- ned, tillthe Bifhop pleafe to take away the poyfon and to favethem ? mull the Magifirate let Hereticks alone till it pleafe the Diocefan to judge them a. And in this cafe, no fober Chrifian will deny, that a Presbyter ought to call upon people and 'Magifrrates to do their duty, as well as the Diocefans. Yea, and to command men in Chrifts name, to avoid ®a notorious orproved heretick. Obj. Ent a Presbyter cannot examine the cafe and fi get proof. Ant He may examine it as far asReafon with Minifferial authority will "per-" /wade theguiltyor the tritneffes to be examined. And his care of the Church and the peoples Souls obligeth him fo to do. And a Pre- late cannot bring men by force toexarnination or witneflìng. 3. But let his guilt be never fo notorious toothers, is it like that the perfon himfeif will be filent through Confcience of obedience to a Prelate. Confider. a. that if he will not obey-aMinifter that fheweth>him the word of God, it is unlikely that he will ebey a Prelate that faith I have authority to filence you. 2. A Hcretick dothnot know that he is a Heretick, nor any errone- ous perfon know that it is an errour which he helieveth For it is a con- tradic`lion to crr in judgment, and to know it to be any erreur. Anti then z. He knowcth that his office is durantevita, and that he is bound not to ceafe it withoutcaufe. 2. Heknoweth that youhave nopower to (knee Orthodox Preachers as Hereticks , but thofe that are Hereticks in- deed,.