Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Thefe two .Ian are but Prudential circumflances, as boor Stilingflect bath proved. And in all thefeI like the Difcipline of the Waldenfer, &hemian and PolonianChurches." But no Government of the Presbyters, no concord, no keeping out orHercfie, recfuireth filch as,otir piofefant ; s.; Who put down all the Biffiops of the particular Churches , ,under them, 2.. And pretending Power, Govern' by the force of the Magiftrates. Sword': g:. A :d obtrude thctnfelveson the people and Paflors, without their con- (ic:e, and againfi their wills, being by multitudes taken for the ene- at,ies of the Church. q,. And viably before the world introducing fo many bad Minifters, and filencing fo many faithful ones, as in this age they havedoñe: V;ithout them we have all.thefe meansofconcord following. r. We have a clear defcription of the duty of Minifters and people in Gods word, "2." We have Minifters to Preach up all thefe duties by Office. 3.. The people are taught by Scripture what Minifters to choofe. e., We find it natural to the people to be for Learned and godly Minifters, though many of them be bad thernfelves. And though it be not fo with them all, yet the fober-part dö ufuallyperfwade the nit :. So that in Lon. don and elfe where, thofeParilhes where the people choofe, had uftìally far worthier Paftors than the red, cfpecially than thofein theBifhops prefentation. 5. Thepeople are obliged by God to marke thole Mini- flers that caufe divifion and contention and avoid them. 6. The Mini- tiers arc bound to give notice to the peopleof faille teachers and Schif- matic cs, and to command'them to avoid them ; And themfelves to re- nounce. Communion with them after the (ìr11 and fecond. admonitióä. 7. ThcfeMin rs may have ccrrefpondencebySynods, "rokeepupcon- cord by agreement amongthemfelves. So we have over all a Chrilli- än King and Magiflracy, who are the rightful Governours of the Cler- gy as well as ofall other fubjects; and may conitrain the negligent to their duty,: and rtfirain the Heretical, Schifmatical and wicked from ih t.;r fin: And may not all this do much to keep up Concord ? a, What our Diocçfhsnr really, el3eft in order to concord or order, they do itby the Magiftrates"power, and not bythe Keys; without the Magihrate thçy. would be fo contemneda fortofinen, that infteadof h. leneing us, by their, keyes, one of, us now filenced could do more to f- 'cnce them, were that according to our Judgment; I, mean, it were eallce to perfwade rep people. from Hearing one óf thern (fpeciallyoflate) than for them to perfwade one from hearingus, in many places. And what the`, Magiltrare cloth, he can do by others if he pleafe, as welt as now he cloth by them. 3. -the Churches that have no Bifhous have incomparably toile He- Selie, Schi(ni ; a ickednefs , and more concord than we have here . The Churchof Scotland is an eminent initance, which bath knownbat li çle by_experience what Schifn,. or,Flerefcs,ate. And fo are the