Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(165) Proteflant Churches of France , of Geneva , of Helvetia , and other places: ç. Were but the true Epifeopacy forementioned reflored, we fhould yetlefsknow any thew of need for our Diocefane, Magiftrate Mini - - lters, and they would fitfice, to do what on earth may be expeét- ed. Obj. Were not Whops the.meaner of the Churches concord in allages? Ant. True Bithops fuch asafore defcribed, did their parts, but when fuch as our Diocefans fprang up, the Church was prefently broken in- to pieces, and by odious contentions and divifîons became a Randal and fcorne tounbelievers. To read but the As of Counfels and the Hiflory of the Church, and there find the horrid contentions of Pre- lates againft each others, the parties which they made, their running . up and down the world, to Princes and Rulers, and Synods to bear down one another, it will do asmuch to grieve and amaze the Soul of a Sober Chriflan, almofi as art Hiflory in the world thathe can per - ufe., Obj But they filenced Heretickt and depofed them, and fi kpt Dol rine found and fafe. Anf. Before they had the Sword ofthe Magiltrate to fe- cond them, they filenced none : For how could they do it ? They only judged them to becall out of their Communion, and depofed , which they could no way execute but by avoiding them , and perfwading the people to difown them and avoid them: For they neither did nor could hinder them from gatheringChurches and Preaching to their follow- ers And there the rejected ones did rejeEt their RejeElers, and ex communicate their excommunicaters, and in theeyes of their follow- ers were the better men, and only. Orthodox : So that their filencing was but changeing their Congregations. And fo numerous were the feels that followed fuch Teachers, that they fornetimes feemed more than the Orthodox :. Epipbaniur found enow in his time to fill a large Volume. And the Donatifis alone were fo- numerous in Africa as to pretend to be the Catholick Church, and by their numbers and info- lency deterred, AuguJtine intoa change of his opinion, and to call for that help from the Princes Sword, which before he had denyed. N.:- verhad the Church in any place, fo many Seas and Hercfic's, as fince the timesthat Prelacy grew up, and in thole Countries, and where it wasmoft exercifed. Andindeed the ignorance and prideofPrelates was not the leaf} caufe. For force of them (and no local} number ) be- came the Authors of Heretics themfelves, inch as Paulus, Santrf tentu, the Apdinarii, thegreat Patriarcks, Diofcortar, Nefforiour, Macedontttr, and alas how great anumber more and others of themdid by their domi- nering infolency rife up with fo much ,pride and wrath againit thole tl at humoured themnot, cfpccially if indeed theyerred, as that they forced Come into Schiftns, and by filenceirg the diffenters, did but drive theme. t et up for themfelves in fcparated affunblies; And they fo V affe