Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(i7ó) power hathhe as a Bithop-tothofe ends ? Sure Iam that difpofrtio materieis' neceffary as finequa non, adreceptionem forme. Ifone be made a School. malter, that cannot teach the Scholars halffo much as they know already, but bath need to learne ofthem, andyetwill neither learne of them, nor fuffer them to learne without him, I know not well how farr he is their Schoolmafterindeed. Hone be made a Phyfician, thatknoweth not halffo much as I do, I shouldbe loth for Order fafe'to venturemy life upon his truft. Nor yet toventure my own life andothers in a Ship that had an ig- norant Filore, when the Mariners hadmore skill, but muff notufe ir. Or- dersand OP'ee that are appointed for the work's fake, effenriály fuppofe ability for thar work. And without the neceffary qualifications, they are but the Carkaffesor images ofthe office (but of this before). Therefore it is that the Chriftian flocks couldnever yet be cured, by all the art or tyranny that c>uld be u:ed, of theefteem of real Wifdome and trsodfinef, andpreferring it before an empty title, orapompousfhew, and from fettinglet; by Ignoranceand Impiety venerably named and arrayed,. then by felt e%idol-éing worth; nor from valuing a Shepherd that daily feedeth them, from a Wolfe in Sheep; cloathing, that hath Fangs and bloody ;ewes , and fleecethand devoureth the flock (with the Shepherds.) Andhence we may fay that God himfelf uferh rogive Bops to theChurch, whether taten will or not; while he giveth them fuch as (Prone) Luther, Melant}horn; Bucer, Calvin, Zanchons, fee, Who had Epifopal ability, and really did that ,which Bithops were firft appointed for, while the Bithops wouldhave hindered them and fought their blood They taught the per). ple, they ¿red up young Minifters, they slept out Herefiec and Schrfines, they guidedthe churchesby the light of Sacred truth; and by the powerof Reason and Love: And who thanwas the Bithop?who is the real Archiredh he that buildeth the houle, or he that hath the title, and Both nothing unlefs it be hindering thebuilders ? To this already faid Ladd but two more intimations, which I delire the fober impartial Readerto confider. t. Writing is but a mode of Preaching c Andofthe two iris worfe to have inept Sermons inPublckAffenoblies (and fo Gods werke and worfbip difhonoured ). than to have inept bookes in private. Andnodoubt, the Paftors overfightextends to.publick andpri- vate. Nowwhile the nicer worthof bookeswithout any Authority, corn- mendeth them tothe world, thoughfometimeswith force few, giddy Pam- phlets are accepted, yetthat is but for a fit; and ordinarily the Book fellers,_ fuflciently reftrain all that are not ofworth, becaufe they cannot fellthem,. But ifa Bifhopmuff impofe on allthe people what bookes they muffread, in many Kingdoms it will be for the Pope and Maffe, in others for Exorcifin andConfubftanrion, de. 2. Is not order for the the thingordered ? Epifcopacy is for the Churches benefit by the Bifhopseminent gifts andparts. Butifthe Bithop be oflow- erparts, than the Paftors (and an Envious Malignant hinderer of their work), Quere, Whether the order (being humane) ceafenor, obi ce9atfub- jelli difpofitio& relatio adfinals- when the end and thepetns capacity ceafe. I I. But how the worldby the countenanceofEmperours was invited to comeint the Church ? How worldly wealth, power and honour did indue them I How Biihopricks were made bastesfor the proud and tyrannical andCovetous ? How filch then fought themand fo the worldlySpirit had the rule, and altered Epifcopacy, I (hewed in the.Hiltory before,. £HA,I: