Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( =) THE Second Part. Having in the former Part Iaid down thole Groundson which the ApplicatoryPart is to be built, and fub- verted the foundations of that Diocefane frame which we judgeunlawful, I'hall now proceed to give you the Application, in the particular Reafons of our judgment, from theEvils which we fuppofe this frame tobeguilty of. CHAP. I. The clearing of the fiate of the Rueftion. TH E occafion of our dispute, or rather Apology, is known in England. i. Every man that is ordained Deacon or Presbyter (or licenfed a. Schoolmatìer) mull fubfcribe to the Books of Ar- ticles, Liturgy and Ordination, as Ex ammo that there it nothing in them contrary to the Word of God. And by the late Aef of Uni- formity [that he Both affentand confnt to all things conteined in, and prferibed by the fold books as finer al. fired (we think for the worfe.) A 2, In