Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

C:5>` CHAP. IL The firft Argument againff the Englifb Diocefans That their form (quantum in fe) defiroyeth thepar ar ticular Church Form of God's Inftitution, and fetteth. up a HumaneForm in its Read. ARGUMENT L ]E cannot fubfcribe or fwear to that form of Church Government as V good or lawful, which in its nature excludeth or deftròyeth the ve- ry fpeèiftcal nature of the particular Churches which were infl tutedby the Holy Ghoft, and fetled in theprimitive times, and is it felf a humaneform fet up in their*ad. Butfilch we take thepreleent Diocefane form to be : Ergo, The Major will be denied by very few that we havenow to do with.. . And thofe few that will deny it, muff do it on this fuppofition, a. That the Holy, Ghoft did inflitute that particular Church Form which is deftroyed but pro tempore, And Secondly, That he allowed men fence to fet up one or more of their own in its Read. But thedifproofof this fuppófition will fall in more fitly,when I have (hewed what Church Form was Chit fetled. The Minor I thus prove. The Species of aparticular Church which the Floly Ghof did inflitute, was [one ,Society of Chri tians united underone or more Bops, for perfonal Communion in publick, worfhip; and holy living.] The Diocefane Engbfb frame ú (deffruelive ofor) inconfiffent, with this fpecies of aparticular Church. Ergo, The Diocefane Englifhframe ú inconfiflent,with (or deruîliveof) the Species of the Holy Ghofis inftitution. In the Major, ,r. By [Bifhops ] I mean, Sacred. Minifiers authorized by Divine appointment, to be the hated Guides of the. Church,by Doctrine, Worihip and Difciplíne, under (Thrift the Teacher, Prieft: and Ruler of the Church. Whether he have a fuperior Arch-Bifhop I determine, not ; Nornow whether he mayordain Paftors for other Churches. What I mean by [Perfonal Communion] and whether it be confiftent with divers Aílèmblies, I have fully (hewed before. I mean, that thePaid Churches were no more numerous than our Engli(h Parities, nor had more Affemblies s Or no more than could have the fame perfonal Communion, and that there were never any Churches infime eel prime fpeciei, which confined of many fuchhated Affeh blies.. I ,