Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(4) its ordinary parts, whichChrill at firít fetled in the Apofiles, and is ved repealed ] do move the to incline to think that the Apofiles mutt have fuchSucceffors, as general Planters and Overfeers of many Churches. And who should ( before all particular Bishops) have a chief hand in the ordain- ingof particular Bishops and Paftors, and removing them as the Churches good requireth As the Seniors have in the Bohemian Waldenfes Government.) And though I am yet in doubt my felf, whether fuch general Minifters, or Arch-bishops bejure divino, ofChritis infiitution, I do not deny it, or contend againft it : And though I would not affert or fwear to their right, I would s- bey them. 8. That all this Church-power is to be exercifed onlyby Gods word, mana- ged by convincing Reafon, Love and good Example, andthat no Bishops or Arch-bishops have any power of Corporal Coaefion ; Nor should give Church Communion to any. but Voluntary Confenters ;. nor should mix and corrupt theexercife ofthe Keys, with unfeafonableinterpofitions of the Sword even in the Magiftrates ownhand. g. But yet that the King andMagiftrates are the Rulers by the Sword over all Patton and their Flocks, to fee that all men do their duties, and to regu- late them by Laws about holy things, fubferviently to the Kingdom and Laws of Chritl, and in confi{lence with the prefervationof the' (Mike of the Miniftry and realliberties ofthe Flocks. ro. And therefore, though we think Churchmen ufually very unfit for 'any Magiftratical Power, yet we (hall obey as his Minifters any whomfoever the King thall:commit any partof his power about Church matters to ; and.-pro- mife them due obedience as fuch. And fo you fee what is not the Queftion now tobe debated. But theQueftion is [Whether theprefect Church Government in England(as di. ilinâ from the Kings and Magistratespart) be fogood or lawful, that wefhould fwearorfubfcribe our approbation ofit, ourobedience to it, or that wewillnever(in our place andcalling) endeavour an alteration of it (no though the, King command us) and that every man in the three Kingdoms that vowed to endeavourfuch alteration, is fo clearly and utterly difobliged, as that al lrangers thatneve'r bvnew him may fubfcribe or declare that he is difobliged, or not obliged toit by that Vom... CHAP.