Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Theft I3ookr following are printedfor, andfold by Nevil Sim- mons at the three Golden Cocks at the well end ofSt. Pauls. Chri/lian Diretlory, or firm of praftical Theology, and cafes of Confcience, directing Chriftians how to uf' their Knowledge and Fáith, how to improve all helps and'. means,and to performeall duties how to overcome temp- tations,, and to efcape ormortifie every fin, in for parts, r., Chrian Ethickf, or privateDuties. 2.. Chriflian Oecor?o- ?Mats , or Family Duties. 3. Chrifiian Ecclefiäflicks, or Church Duties. 4. Chriflian Politicks,. or Dirties to Ohr felves and Neighbours. inFolio; CotholickTheology : Plain, Pure, Peaceable, for Pacification. in three Books. t. Pacifying Principles, &c. 2. Pacifying Praxis, &c. g. Pacifying Difputations, s c. inFolio. The Life of Faith ñtz arts : The firfi Sermon preached beforehis Majefly,,&c. TheSecond, Inftruerions for confir- ming believers inthe Chriftian faith. The thirddire&ions how to liveby faith; or how to exercil it in all o:cations in rsarto. Naked Popery; or the. naked Falfhood of a bookcalled the Catholick naked Truth, or the.Puritan convert to. Apottoli-` cal Chriftianity, written by W. H. opening their funda- mental errours of unwritten tradition, and theïr-unju4 de- fcription of the Puritan, the_Prelatical Proreftant and the Papift, and their differences, &c, To which is added an examination of Roman Tradition, as it is urged as infal, lible, &e. Inanfwerto a book called, A rational difconrfe of Tranfubflantiation. in Quarto: A Keyfor Catholicks, toopen thejugling ofthe jefuits, and fi . tisfie all that are buttruely willing to underftand, whether the caufeöf the Roman, or reformed Churches be of God and to leave the reader utterly unexcufable, that will after this bea Papift. inOClave. A. Treatife of Juftifying Righteoufnefs in two böoks. in Otyavo. . Pere_ , ;.