Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

There are latelypublifbed;ofthis Authors theft two Books following, android Gy Thomas Simmons at thePrinces Armies in Ludgate- fireet. Hurch-Hfiory of the Government ofBifhops and their Coun- cils, Abbreviated. Induding the chief part of the Go- vernment of Chriftian Princes and Popes, and atrue ac- count ofthe molt troubling Controverfes and Here(es till the Reformation. Written for thenie efpecially of them, I. Who are ignorant or mifinformed of the flaw of the Antient Churches. I I. Who cannot read many and great Volumes. III. Who think, that the Vniverfal Church muff have one Vifble Soveraign, Perfonal or Colle&ive, Pope or General Councils. I V. Who would know whether Patriarchs, Di- ocefans, and their Councils, have been, or mull be the cure of Here_ and Schifines. V. Who would know the truth about the great Herefies which have divided the Chriflian World, efpecially the Donatifis, Novatians, Arrians, Macedo- nians, Nefiorians, Eutychians, Monothelites, &c By Richard Baxter, a Hater of FalfeHiflory. A Moral Prognoflication, I. What than befal the Churches on Earth till their Concord, by the Reftitution oftheir Primi- tive Purity,' Simplicity and Charity. .I1. How that Refti- tution is like tobe made, (ifever)andwhat {hall befal them thenceforth unto the End in that Golden Age of LO VE. Written by Richard Baxter, when by theKings Commifïion, we (in vain) treated for Concord, 166-r. And now rublith- cd not to inflruf theProud, that fcorri to learn ; nor to make them Wife, who will not be made Wife : But to In- ftru&the Sons of Love and Peace, in their Duties and Ex- peltations. Andto tell Pofierity, That the Thingsuhich be- fall them, were Fore-told : And that the Evil might have been prevented, and Bleffed Peace on Earth attained, if Men had been but willing; andhad not (hut thcir'Eye -s, and hardened their Hearts -, againfl the -Beams of Light and Love.