Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

A TREATISE EPISCOPACY. Confuting, by SCRIPTURE,. REASON, And the CIIZRCHES TESTIMONY', That fort of Diocefan Churches, Prelacy and Government, which cafteth out the Primitive Church-fpecies , Epifco- pacy,Mìnifiry and Difcipline, and confoundeth the Chiiftian worldby Corruptiion,Ufurpation,Schifines , and Perfecution. Meditated 1640 when the &c. Oath was impofed : Written. J671 and cafi by : Publifhed 168o by the Call of Mr. H. Dadra!, and the Importunity of our Superiors, who de- mand the Reafons ofour Nonconformity. The defgne of this book is not to weaken the Church of England, its Government, Riches, Honour or Unity: But to flrengthen and fe- cure it, r. By the concordof all true Protettants who can never u- nite in the prefent Impofitions : a. And by the neceffary reformati- on ofParifh-Churches, and thofe abufes,which elfe will in all ages keep up a fucccficon of Nonconformifts. As an Account why we dare not Covenant by Oath or Subfcription never to endeavour any (amending) alteration of the Church Government (by lawful meanes, as Subjeds) nor make our felves the juftifying vouch- ers for all the unknown perfòns in the Kingdom, who vowed and fwcre it, that none ofthem are obliged to fuch (lawful) endeavour, by their vow. Ey ICHARD BAXTEit, a Catholick Chriflian, for love, con cord and peace ofall true Chriftians, and obedience to all lawful com- mands of Rulers ; but made, called and ufed as, a Noneonformift. London, Printed for Neril Simmons at the three Corks at the weft end of Saint Pads, and Thomas Simmons at the Prince's Armes in Lndgate-ftreet, MDCLXXXI.