Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(s) foie poil'ellion of the Benefice, whether he be Parron or. Vicar. Thefe Priefts are Ordained by the Bilhop .(fome one, two, or three Presbyters if Prefent alto impofing hands : ) They are chofen to the Church and Benefice by the Patronwho prefents them to the Bifhop ; who giveth 'them Inftitution for Tide , and Induction for pofleflon. When he is Ordained, Inftituted and 1nduEted, he mutt not Preach to his People, till he bath got a [1] Lieenfe from the Bifhop of that Diocefs; no 1 Aa of though he were before Licenfed in another Diocels : Nor muit he uniform. Preach or Officiate, or have any Benefice or Church, till he have fub- Thatpa- fcribed, and done as is expreffed in the^Alt of Uniformity: And he rill, priefls muff declare his Aflent and Content to all things contained inand pre- have no fcribed by three Books the Liturgy, the Book of Ordination, and the Govern. Articles.) And he muff fwear obedience tohis Bifhop. ing Pnwor. HisOffice is (when after Licenfed) to Preach, toRead theScriptures, fee vr. Zn'o t, i and the Apocrypha, and many Acs of . Parliament, and Homilies, to alto that read the Liturgy or Prayers ; To give notice of Holy-days andFalling- the Kingg days : To Baptize all Children, without exception, that are offeredhim, is the Lc-. by Godfathers and Godmothers (the Parents not Covenanting for them, Suprea"a1 but others ;) ToMarry perlons ; To Church Women after Child bear- Snprearn. ing; To hear Children in Church fay the Carcchifm that is in the Liturgy (but many have been forbidden by the Bithops to expound it, or tell the Children the meaning of the words which they fay by - rote: ) To celebrate and give the Sacrament to the Parifhioners : to viít the Sick, and abfolve them, if:theyfay they repent : To bury the Dead, af- firming of them all. that Godin mercy bath taken their fouls, 2S our dearbrethren, tohimfelf; exceptingonly, 1. Thole that die unbaptized (though Children ofPrincesor godly Parents) z. Thofe that are Excom- municate (ufually fuch as durit not Conform to.them :) ;. And thole that kill themfelves (though in ,a Frenfie:) To ufe the Crofs, Surplice, and other Ceremonies of theChurch : And to joyn with the Church-War- dens (if they pleafe) in prefenting fuch to the Bithops Courts, as break their Laws; And if he deny any notorious offender the Sacrament, he muff become his Acculer before the Chancellour, or Bithops Court. [m] m cof.Tab. This is the Office of a Parifh Prieft. 13. Whereyou muff note I. ingeneral, that he hath no rsdiciat ldmini- .liration in theChurch: [n] They ordinarily fay, that he hath no serif ncafTab, diFÜón, but meer Friellly Orders; As if they knew not that Prieftly Order I'' is nothing but the Sacred Office; and that that Office is the Power ofthe Keys, or effentially containeth the Power of Guiding the Flock, in Teach- inv,WorJlnp and Difcipline, under Chriff the Chief Prophet, Prielt and King. Civil JurifdiCtion over the Church is the Kings, and Spiritual' is part of the-Prieffly Office or Order (as to the fubjeft people to be go- verned.) 2. Particularly note, a. that the Miuifter bath in England no power to Judge whom to Baptize, and whom nor, but muff,Baptize all that ace C offered,