Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

l I'0 offered, though the Children of Jews, Infidels, Turks, Apoftates. 2. That he hath nopower to hinder the admiflionof any fo baptized, into the Rateof adult Members by the Bithops Confirmation. For though it be faid Children Ihiall bring his. Certificate, that they can fay the Ca- teehifm, yet i. thofe Children may go without it, and do ordinarily : When I was confirmed my felt, none was required, nor did I ever fee any given. 2. And if it were, the poor Children feldom underftand any thing that they fay, or much. 3. There is not one of multitudes inour Churches that ever, fought or minded fuch Confirmation, becaufe of its abufe. 3. Thathe hath no power to hinder any confirmed, or adult perlons from the Sacraments, on the account of the groffelt ignorance or infide- lity : when multitudes among us know not what the Sacrament is, nor know the eflentials of the Chriftian Faith. q.. He bath no power to convent any open offender' before him, to call him to repentance: They may chufeto come to him, or to open their doors to him, or fpeakto him, if he come to them. 5. He bath no power to call them to Repentance openly before the Church, or pray by name for their Repentance; or admomlh them. 6. He bath no power to judge any perfon to be Excommunicate. 7. Nor to abfolve any that is penitent after Excommunication; But only to read the Lay-Chanceilours fentences ., lent him in the Bithops name. 8. He hath no power to forbear giving the Lords Supper to any one how notorious an offender foever, unlefs he will profecute him at the Bithops Court, nor then, but for once So that if he pay his Fees and be Abfolved there, though the Minifter know him to be never fo bad, he mull give the Sacrament the next time. And the profecution is fo odious and fruitlefs that I never knew any do it, except againft the Nonconformifts. 9. He that feeth never fo great figns of Impenitency in anyman that is lick, or will but fay that he is lick, bath no power to deny himprivate Abfotution and the Sacrament, ifhe dobut fay, I Repent. o._ He bathno power to forbear pronouncing of all Traytors, Mur- derers, Adulterers, Perjured, Atheifts, &c. that never profeft Repen- tance, at their Burial, that God bathofhis mercy taken to himfeif the foul of this our dear brother ; exceptthe unbaptized, &c. aforefaid. And note, i. that the ParifhPrieft hath no power todo there things ei- ther by himfeif, or in conjunction with the Bithop, or any other. 2. And that there is not one Suffragan Bifhopor Chorepifcopus in ft - ./and under the Z6 Bifhop, to downy part oftheir work in thefe o7ó25; Pan thee.. CHA P.