Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 27 the Orthodox often to feparated Societies, as thinking fo bad Prelates un- fit to be communicated with. As inConfiantinopletheir abufe, eje&ion and banishment of Chryfollome caufed great numbers of his faithful people to forfake theChurch; and meet only in feparated Conventicles; Andthough they differed in no point of Doctrine, Worfhip or Difcipline from the reft, all that they coulddo by tyranny and threats would never bring them again to the Church ; but they werecalled yoannites, and aflèmbledby them.. felves ; till Attiras by wife and honeft means firtt began the reconciliati- ou, by the publickinfertingof Chryfoflome's name among their honoured Bifhops inthe daily Liturgy oftheChurch, and Proclusafter wifelyperfect- ed it, by fetching the bones ofChryfofiome with honour, from the place of hisbanifhment intothe Church. But Theodoret, Hifl. ¡eel. 1. 5. c. 36. afcri- beth it to that goodEmperourTheodolites Junior : It's like a good Bishop and he confentcd. For faith Socrates, c. 40. Proclus behaved himfelffairly Socrat.l.7<; towards all men, perfwading himfelfthat it was far caller for him by fair means c' 44° to allure men to the Church, than by force to compel them to the Faith. 52. The multitudes ofSchifines and horridenormities inthe Churchof Rome; thegrand corruption of Religion by them; the fhameful divifions between the Greek and Weilern Churches, beganfo long ago and continu.. ed to this day, withmuch more fuch evidence, do tell the World that is willing to fee, what all this tended to as it's perfection. 53. And having thus fhewed how the Bifhops of the Flock came tobe Bifhops ofBithops, and how they grew from the Paftoral Office to apom- pous denomination moldy fecular, and how the Bifhops of Tingle Chur- ches, did grow to be theBifhops ofmultitudesofChurches turned intoone Diocefan Churchofanotherfpecies, we (hall leave it to thofe that arewife and impartial, to judge whether a trueReformation matt retrieve them, and what Age and Rate of the Churchmutt be our pattern, to which we fhouldendeavour to return; and in what point it is that it is meet orpof- fible, for Chriftiansunanimoufly tofixbetween the Apoftolical inftitution and the height of Popery? And what fatisfying proof any man can give that in a line of a 50o Years, thatit is theright point that he hathchofen. E2 taHAP.