Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 28 ) CHAP. IV. The judgement of thofe Nonconformifis (now filenced) who 16o. addreffed themfelves to King Charles the Second for Concord in the matter of Church-Govern- ment : what they then offered, and what thofe of the Authors mindnow hold, as to the Right of what is be fore Hiftorically related. S I have delivered our Judgment about the Hiltory of Prelacy, . fo fball I next freely and truly exprefsmy own Judgment and thole, that have concurred withme about the right ofChurch- Government itfelf, (fuppofing thofe tooPropelad Lud.Nloli- vaunt which I have publifhed about theNature ofChurch- power, and the extent ofthe Magiftrates power inChurch-matters.) ForTruthhathgreat advantage when it appeareth, r. compaft, andentire, z. and in the o- pen light. Sincethe writing of this our judgment is more fully publifhed in; the Nonconformif s firft and recoil(' Plea for Peace. Joh 5.=y. Prep. r. Since the Fallof Man, as God hath given a Saviour to the Gen.3.1 S. World, by whom he hath made a new Covenant with or for Mankind ; Job. 17.2. fo-bath he delivered all things into the Redeemer's hands, and given him Mar. 28, all power in Heaven and Earth, making him the Adminiftrator Generals is' d Headover all things to the Church. E a. an 2. Some things are under Chrift asVtenfils, viz, Ittanimates andBruites; 2,1, r, sa, come are underhim as weer entmies'fubdued, as Devils; fome are un er him as generally. Redeemed,, and fttbjelts de jure, or quoadobligationem, to be Ruled and ufed upon terms of Mercy; And fo are all Mankind in gene- ral, till the day of life and grace is patt : fome are under him as Vifible Confenters, and Profeffed fubjefts; fo are the Baptized and vifible pro.. feffors of Chriftianity : And fome are under him as fincereHeart-Cove- nanters, Jultified and Sanctified, and to be Glorified by him. 3. As Nature it felt is now delivered up toChrift, and the Law ofNa- ture is now part of his Law, and the Inflrument of his Government, both for the common good andorder of the Redeemed World, and alfo asfanliified' to the fpecial good and order of hisChurch; Even fo is the Office of Ma. gifiracy now under him, and derived from him, and dependant on him, in both thefe forementioned refpefts. ( Notwithftanding all the vain arguments which Mr.. Brown a Scotch Divine, Cont. Volthufaum bath writ- ten to the contrary; which need_ no confutation to an intelligent Rea- der.)