Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(3i) ers of his Will to the World, by their preaching and practice firlt, and afterwards by their Writings. 16. Therefore fince their miraculous reception of the Spirit, all their Doftrines Writings and Eftablifhments which were done in the Execution of their Commiffion, are afcribed to the Holy Ghoft : It was the Holy Ghoft that Indited the Sacred Scriptures ; and it was the HolyGhoft that fettled the Churches, and that wrought the Miracles, and that bare wit- nefs of Chrift, and the Chriftian verity. For the Apoitles fpake not of themfelves, but as the HolyGhoft infpired them. 17. As others in that time were employed as their affiftants in propa- gating the Chriftian Faith, fo had they alfo the famefpirit, though in feveral meafures, and gifts. And fo far as they had that fpirit, he was the Peal of their doftrine : But becaufe it was the Apoftles that had the promife of Infallibility, we have greater affurance of the Infallibility of their writings, than of others; It being their approbation, which is much of our affurance that the writings of their Affiftants were infallible, and the teftimony which they give ofthe perfons that wrote them (viz. Mark and Luke.) 18. There Apoftles with their many Militants, (Prophets and Evan- gelifts) didby preaching, bolinefi and miracles, (the efe is of DivineWif- dome, Goodnefs and Power) convert multitudes , and baptize them, and did not only thus gather them into the Catholick Church to Chrift, but alto fettled them in a holy Order in particular Churches, for perfonal communion among themfelves in holy worfhip and holy living : And they made finch regular Church -communion a duty to all that could ob- tain it. 19. By the authority of Chrift and theHoly Ghoft they ordainedothers to the facred Officeof the Miniftry ; The fame office with their own as to the common works ofPreaching and Teaching the Gofpel, Worfhiping and Guiding-the Churches by holyDifcipline; which are the common ef-- fentials of the facred Miuiftry: But not the fame in refpeLt of their ex- traordinary endowments and works before defcribed (as eye and ear witneffes, infalliblydelivering thewill of Chrift.) 2o. Though in the Natureof the Office all Chrifts Minifters have the Power before mentioned, (s. to convert men to the Faith by preaching, 2. to take them into the holy Covenant and Church by Baptifm, 3. to teach, worfhip and rule, in particular Churches ; or, 1. to gather Chur- chesby preachingandbaptizing, 2. and then to teach and guide them ; Yet allare not calledequally tothe exercifeof all thefe parts; But fome wereby the Apoftlesand the HolyGhoft indefinitelyemployed inan unfix- ed courfe, in convertingmen and gathering Churches; yet officiatingalfo in gatheredChurches where they came ; And others were fixed in the Rated relation of Paftors to particular gathered Churches, to teach and rule them, and worthip among`' them ; yet foas an toPreach for the conver- fionof unbelievers, asfar as they had ability and opportunity. 21. The