Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 30 ) 1y, inthe Teaching and Governing of his Redeemed ones ina holy order, and in condufting them in holy worfhip, ina Minifterial fubordination to his Prophetical, Regal and Prieftly Office. so. As he himfelf did Officiate among the ?errs, fo he first placed this Minifterial Power in twelve chofen men, and feventy Affiftants with fome relation to the twelve Tribes and feventy Elders of Ifrael, to whom he lent them. sr. During the time of Chrift's abode among them in the flefh, they werebut as Pupils andLearners while they wereTeachers; and their A- bilities, Commitons, Office and Work,, and fo theirfuccefs were all yet im- peded : They were not yet authorizedopenly and commonly fo much as to declare Chrift to be the Mefliah and Saviour, but only to prepare men for that belief: Becaufe thofe works were not yet done, which muff be the Evidences of their Doftrine and the Inftruments of mens Conviaion, viz. Chrift's Death, Refurreftion, Afcenfion, and his fending the mira- culous gift of theHoly Ghoft. 12. When Chrift was rifen before his Afcenfion, he perfefted their Commiffion, both as to their Work and Province; but appointed them to flay till the defcent of the Holy Ghoft upon them, (as the fealingand full delivery of it, giving them full ability for their work) before they fet themfelves about the folemn performanceof it. r 3. Their Commiflion andOffice was, i. to Teach men and make them Chriftians (or Chrift's Difciples,) 2. and then to Baptize them into the name of the Father, theSon, and the Holy Ghoft, and fo to take therm intohis Covenant andChurch ; and, 3. toTeach them as Covenanted and en- Churched perfons, to obferve all his commands ; The firft part of their workwas to be exercifed unlimitedly on all the World, as far as they were able; The fecond part on the new Converted Believers (and their infantfeed;) And the third part on the Baptized (that were adult.) And he added thepromife ofhisprefence with them to the end. 14. As he now enlarged their Commiffion to All the World as the ob- jeft of the firft part of their Office ; fo he added one (Paul) by a voice from Heaven, unto the numberof the Apotties, who was a pecially made an Apoftle to the Gentiles, to thew the reft that they were no more con- fined to the twelve Tribes ofIfrael. 15. Becaufe thefe Apoftles were entrufted not only with a common Preaching of theGofpel, but asFounders ofthe Churches, to be the eye and ear witnetles, of the life, miracles, refurreftion and dottrine of Chrift, and to acquaint men certainly with the Laws of Chrift, therefore hepromifed them the extraordinary gift of the Holy Ghoft, to lead them infallibly into all truth, and to bring all things to their remembrance, which he had taught and given them in Charge, and fo to enable them to perform all their Commiffion, which he gave them accordingly, and fo made them the Foundations ofhis Church, and the infallible deliver- ers