Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 44.) pifcopacyit fhould be. ;. What friends they will prove to the Church;, that will rather do all that is done againft jt, than endure thole that grant all this which we do grant them.. The Lon- 8r. That I amnot a ngular in all this,, I prove inthatit wasonly Arch. don bühop 'Other's Reduction of Epifcopacy to the Primitive ítate, which the Thanklgi- Nonconformifts, (malitioufly called Presbyterians) did offer to his Maje- vingto the fly and the Bifhops, r 660. as themeans of our Concord,' and which was Kin; is to re jefted : Yea, that they * thankfully. accepted (though not totally ap- Pisa As proved) that higher Model expreffed inhis Majefties Declaration about all'otheir Eccleliaftical Affairs. delire of And now, I fuppofe,_I have given Strangers and Pofderity-a truer De-. B. u/ñer's fçription ofthe Judgment of the prefent Nonconformifts, thanmalicious Primitive turbulent ambitious Perfons ufe to give of them, or than the extreams. Model of and.freaksof a SewSectaries would allow mento receive - óoverQ- aient, CHAP. V. Concerning theWriters ofthis Controverfie ; . With '.a Sxw- ;nary Anfwer to the Chief that write againfi the-Caufet which I defend. Have not been altogether negligent to Teadthe Cóñtroverfies on, this Subject, nor I hope partial in Reading them; If I have, it- bath been becaufe I had rather have found Conformity to the Pre- a.. Now18 lacy -to be lawful ; for then had not above *nine years been filen. Mrs, this ced, and denied not only all Church maintenance, but leave to preach Deingwrit- Chrift's Gofpel, nor had-I been expofed asl-have been to -fo muchwrath- ten nears and malice, expreffed in -fo many fcurrilous lying invectives and libella, ' betides- other ways. Even when I doubted of theiufe of the tranfient Image. of the Grofs, I was of opinion that Prelacy was lawful, and fo was like-' ly to continue,- if the Prelateswould',have givenme leave r Butin 16.1ó,1 they put a NewOath upon us, Never to Content to the Alteration ofthepre-, fent frameof Prelacy, asunder Archbifhops, Bifhops, Deans, Archdea cons, &c. and that itseight fo toffand. And .I thought it was then time,e when I was put to filch a folemnOath, tofearch more throughlyinto all the matter before I_fware. And in fearching, I found in general thate almoft all Writers for Epifcopacy, either confound Diocefan Prelacy,.. filch as ours, with theEpifcopacyofa fingle Church, or at lealt all theirs ptoof,extendeth tor gá.:noco thanI have .here granted,;.- When theyr