Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

49 ) the Species, it isbut barely faid, and by his ieave I Mall fully prove the contrary anon. And pag. 4,1. 7. He confeffeth that de fitElo [Many things are in the flare of Biflsops, which the times have changed ; Many a Parfonage at this day is larger than fame ancient Bifhoprickt were.] Lt's well confeft: And I (hall try among other things, uwhether the Name of a Bifhoprick will make a Parfonage and a Diocefs to be ejtsfdem fpeciei, and whether magnitude do not make; a fpecifick difference, ;between the Sea and aRi- vulet or a glafs of water, or between a Ship and a Nut-lhel. And whereas page 6. He undertaketh to prove a Coercive Power in Bi- fhops, either he fPeaketh according to the common ufeof men, or not : If not, he would not be underftood,:, 9,.ui non vtsltitrtellVii, debee ne- gligi If he do, then by Coercive he muff mean, by Outward force upon the body; which is falfe, and is proper to the Magiftrate, Parents or Ma- fters; and is difclaimed by all foberProteftant Divines, yea by Papifts, as not at all belonging to the Paftoral Office. Though we eafily grant that Ballots may Coercere by word (and fo may Thesbyters fure,) yet no othexwife but by word. For Excommunication and Degradation as far asbe- them, are but words (andanafter forbearing of their own acts of Commùnion.) But this is,not the common ufe of the word Coercive as applyed to Government byway of diflinition. How much wifclier doth the (more Learned and judicious) Bifhop Bilfan till. diltinguifh by the Tower of the Word, as differing from the Magiftrates Coercive or by rho Swori!? Yet note that page 8. §.,5.1. 7. He is brought to acknowledge [that All Churches by the Apoflles erelled received from them the fame Faith, the fame Sacraments, the fame Formof publick, Regiment.:; The Form. of Regiment by them eflablifhed atfirfl was, that the Laity befubjefl to a College ofEccle- fcaflical perfons, which were in everyfuch City :appointed for that purpofer Theftin their writings theyterm fometime - Presbyters andfometimeBifhops To take one Church out of a numberfor a pattern, what the refi were, the Presbyters ofEphefus, as it is in the Wary oftheir departurefrom the Apoflle Paul at Miletum, are laid to have wept abundantly all; which fpeech doth [hew them to have been many: Andbythe Apoflles exhortation it may appear, that they had not each his feveral Flockto feed, but were in common appointed to feed.Howlïtt1 doth this that. one Flock the Church ofEphefus, for which caufe the phrafe ofhis fpeech Arlie is this A ttenditegregi, Look to all that one Flock over which the HolyGhofp Dr. Ha am- batbmade you. Bilhops: ThefepmfensEeclefafiical being termed then Presbytersmond. and Bijhopsboth, d-c. And page ç. he faith, [sheoutwardbeingofa Church confifteth in the ha- .ving of a Bijlsop,] Then the Brownifls mutt Carry it, that our - Parithes are no ,true Churches ( but parts of a Church) becäufe they have no Bi- (hop: Onlya Diocefan Church lath a Bilhop Therefore only aDio- cefan is a true, Church ; ( which' anon lhall be proved to -be but Hu- mane.) And