Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(so) And pitge 12. He thus expoundeth Hiercme, as holding Epifcopacy ai And terable [ TheChurch, bath power by Vniverfal confent upon urgent caufe to mutt I take it-away; if thereunto flea be confirained through the proud tyrannical and (wear ne unreformable deedingofher Bifhop- Wherefore fell Bifhopsforget themfelves, ver tocon if none on earth had authority to touch their Hates, let them continually nyantra. bear in mind, that it is rather the force of enflame than any fuck true hea- venly law can be fbewed, by the evidence whereof it may of a truth appear, that the Lord himfeif bath appointed Presbyters for ever to be under the Regi. anent of.Bifhops in what fort foever they behave themfelves. Let this confdera. tion bea bridle to them ; Let it teach them not to difdain the advice of their-Pref. byters, but to fife their Authority with fo much thegreaterhumility and madera. tier:, as a Swordwhich the Church bath power ter,take from-them.] This is Mr. Hooker. And page 14. He confell'eth that according to the Cullom ofEnglandi and a Council at Carthage, Presbyters may impofe handsin Ordinatión with the Bithop, though not without him : So thatby this they have the the power of Ordination to , though he have a Negative Voice in it. And indeed if all Ordination must be done by one of a Superior Order, who 'hall OrdainBi(hops, or Archbilhops, or Patriarchs, or the Pope ? And page 18; He faith, CMof certain truth it is that Churches Cathedral and the BJhops ofthem are as glafes, wherein the face and countenanceof A- poflolical antiquity remaineth even as yet to befeen ] Which is it that we alto affirm, every City or Church having a Bithop and Presbyteryof their own. And whereas page 19. He faith, - -[1f we prove that Bifhips'haveldwfully`. ßf old ruled over other Minifers, it is enough, how fewInver thofe Minifers have been, how final foever the circuit of place which'hath' contained them.] If this be fo, we grant you enonghi when we grant Parochial Bifhops. But no where loth he more palpably yield- our- Caufe, than page -2 r,' a. where to Cartwrights Objeftion, that [the Bifhop thatCyprìan-fpealç ethof is nothing elfe but face at -we call Pallor, or as the common name is Par - fans, and his-Church whereof he is Bifhop is neither Diocefsttor Province, but a Congregationwhich met together-in one place ',sobe-t ought" by one man.] -He hath no better anfwer to this, than to tell us , that If it were- true, it is impertinent ; and -that it-is not true, becaufè Cyprianhadmany 'Presbyters tinder him, fo as ,they -might have every day change for performance of their ' duty : And he never onceattempteth to prove that Cyprian had more Chur ches, yea, or Affemblies thanOne ; ..but only that -he was over the Pres- byters in-one Churchor Alfembly andas an-Archbilhopwas over Bithops.- . The fame thing, which I =fubmitto; but nothing againft the things- that airert against him. A -Parfon- may have divers Curates under him, and 21ot divers Churches r much lets -a - -- thoufand that have-no, other