Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

C 52.) fruits-of Reading, Hiftory, Sentences, &c. of purpofe to confute them that faid the Noeonformiffs were no Schollars) he fhould quickly have an Anfiver to it. So if any will reduce all that is in Mr. Hooker's 8 Books (in tedious Difcoutfes into Syhogifm, (which is againft what I main- tain,) I believe it will not all fill up;one hail or 'quarter ofa page ; and it (hall, God- willing, be foon anfwered. In the mean time the popular Principles of his Firft and Eighth Book, fubverting all true Govern - ment, I have already confuted elfewhere .(in my ChriftianDiretlory.) 5 is es c Points, the de- Domname fenceof h ConfecrationtSermon and as much as Ian exe to find Anfwered. in any. But, I. as tothe mode he is fo contrary toHooker, that (being a very expert Logician) he wafteth fo much of his Book about the Forms He fella£- of Arguments and Anfwers, that he obfcureth the matter by it, and en- ter under fnareth thofe Readers, who do not carefully diftinguith between Matter fBitho s and Words, and between the force of the reafon, and theform of a Syllo-. Laudhim, gifm. And he .fo adorneth (or degleth) his Style" with taunts, infult- (elf, his ing fcorns, and contemptuous reproaches, that it is more futable to. the Book of Scolds at Billingsgate than fo learned and godly a. Divine, and ocçafion- perfeve- eth his Adverfaries to fay, You -have here a tafte of the PrelaticalSpi- rance be.. ing prom- fit bated,. z. As to thematter of his fiat Book, I am of his mind (againft meer ruling Elders) He and Bilfon have evinced what they hold in that. But . asto thepoints in whichwe differ he indeed faithmuch to little purpofe, and finallygivetlt away his Caufe., oras he metrily telleth his Adverfary, pag. 6z I. ;.c. 47. he ufeth it as Sir Chrifiopher Blunt's head was ufed, after his apprenfion, firft healed, and then cart of For, r in his lib. 3. Where he fpeakethof the power of Ordination, lie not only confeffetb that it is in Presbyterswith the Bifhops, and that the Bifhops have but a fuperiori- ty of power therein, bat is angry with his Adverfary for fuppofing the contrary, raying ch. 3. p. 68. [But tvheregood Sir, dot fay, they mutthave- the foie power, in Ordination, whichyou have fo oft- objefled, and now again re- peat? make yottmo confcience ofpublifhing untruths? Cannot Bifhops be fupe-- rioter to other Adiniflers in the power ofOrdination and yurifdidlion, which is. o, 4mgraf the thing which J maintain, toilers they have the foie power ?, fo p. 64, &c. inEph.4. Therefore he granteth, that extraordinarily in cafe of necelliq Presbyters 428.974. in--may Ordain (that is without a Bithop.) page 69. and page rob. he giveth= 'not. e4... this reafon for the validity:of their. Ordination; ,Becaufe,.Impofition of: Tef.gaol. hands in Confirmation of the Baptized and Reconciliation of Penitents, ep17. Cr. were re ferved to Bill-lops as well as Ordination, and yxt in the abfence of cal. Carob. Bifhops may be done by Presbyters. * And that the Papiffs themfelves Grac.e.4;, grant that the Pope may licenfe a Presbyter to Ordain Presbyters : [If cartb.z, C. therefore (faith he) by the Popes licenfe a 'Presbyter may Ordain Presbyters, Rra 4t.; c. mach bettermay a Company of Presbyters, to whom in the, want of a Bifloop the Chargae of the: Church it divolveelj be authare&ed thereto by,ncceffty]. And if all: