Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

'And whereaspage 3 3. It is objeeted that many things are innovated its cour Discipline, as impofing Minifterson the People without their confent, Bithops Excommunicating alone, Imprifoning, &c. His anfwer is, that theChurchmay change her cuftomes ; And on that groundalloweth the Ordinationof Presbyters alone, becaufethe Churchcan give thempower; Forhe goeth in Church-matters as he doth inpoint ofCivil Government, onhis falfe fuppofition, that all Power is Originally in the whole Body, faying, page 37. [The whole Church visible being the true Original fubjetl' of all power, it bath not ordinarily allowed any other, than Bishops alone to Ordain. Howbeit as the ordinary courfe is ordinarily in all things to be obferved, fo it may be in fume cafes not unneceffary that we decline from the ordinary ways.] (What is more contrary than Saravia (TraFt. deObedient.) and Hooker in their-Principles of Government ?) From hencealto, page 38. He inferreth the no neceffity ofcontinued Succeffon ofBishops in every ef- feílualOrdination. And it is very obfervable which he granteth ( for it cannot bedenied.) [The Power of Orders I may lawfully receive without the asking content of any multitude: but the power I cannot exercife upon any certainPeople a ainfl their wills.] And page 38. He cannot deny but the ancient ufe was for the Bithops to excommunicate with the College of his Al'fiftant Presbyters; but he taunteth Beta for thinking that this may not be changed. There are the men that build upon Antiquity, and the Cullom of the tlniverfal Church. And page 69. when the Canons for Bithops fpare course of living are objetted, he faith, that thofe Canons were made when Bi(hops livedof the famePurfe which ferved as well for a number of others as for them, and yet it at their difpoling; Intimating the old Coprfe, when every Church had its Bi(hop and inferiour Clergy. But Innovation is lawful forour Prelacy. And now he that can find any thing in Hooker 'againtb the points which I defend, or for that Prelacy which I oppose, any more worth the anfwering than this that I have recited, let him rejoyce in the per- feltion of his eye-fight. And if thus much be worthy to be confuted, or filch as this, let themdo it that havenothing elfe to do. So ridicu- lous is the Challenge of one that gloriethto writea Book with the fame Title [of Bro{ef. Policy,] who insultingly provoketh us to write a full Confutation ofHooker, who faith fo little to the main point in Contro- verfie, our Diocefan Form of Prelacy, and writeth his whole Book in a tedious Preaching He, where you may read many leaves for fo much Argumentation, as oneSyllogifm may contain; that I think I might as wifely have challenged himfelf to conftue -Mr. Fox's Book of Martyrs, or Baronius his Annals, almoft, or at leaft may fay as Dr. john Burgas dothof Mr. Parker (another fort of Parker) his Book of the Cross, which Dr. Ames faith was never anfwered, that if any will reduce that gawdyTreatife into Appoint (it being indeed almoft all made up of the H z fruits