Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Peace, that theywould fcarce ever talk of the matters in differ- ence, but of Ilolinefs and Heaven, and reprefling the over-much heat of the Laymen : And the famousWilliamFenner being late- lyof the next Parith,aConformift oflearning,yet plain and attedio- n'ate in preaehing,God hadbleft hisMiniftry with fogreatfuccefs in theConverfion ofmany ungodly Perlons; as that the reverence ofhim, kept up the honour of Conformity among the Religi- ous people thereabouts- But in 1640. I was removed to Brignorth, and the Canons newly made, impofed on us an Oath, which had thefe words, {I A. B. do fwear that Ido approve of the Doltrine, andDifcipline, or Government of the Church of England, as concerning all things necefjarÿto Salvation Nor will Lever give myCONS ENT to alter the Government of this Church, by Arch-Bill. ops, Bifhops,Deans, andArch- Deacons, &c. As it hands now eflablifhed, and as by right itought tolland : Andall thefe things I do plainly and f ncerely acknowledgeand fwear, according to the plain andcommon fence and underfianding of the fame words, without any equivocation, or men- tal eva/iou, or fecret refervation whatfoever ; And this I do heartily, willingly, and truly, upon the Faith of a Chrifiian : So , help meGod in lefus Chrifl.]. Though every Minifter in the Countrey, as well I, was for Epifcopacy, yet this Oath fo ftartled them that they appointed a meetingat Brignorth to confult about it. It fell out on my Le- 6tureday; and at the meeting, it fell lot tube the Obje6ter, or Opponent, againft Mr..Chriflopher Cartwright( good Man, in- comparably beyond me in Learning , the Defender of K. Ch. x. againli the Marquefsof Worcefter, and the Author of the Rabbin- nical Commentary on Gen. whofe Papers ofJuftification,I linee an- fwered) He defended theOath; and though my Objefiions were filch asweree none of theftrongeft,, the Minifters thought he fai- led in anfwering,them,and we broke upmore dubiousthan befdre. Ihada little before fet my. felf to a more ferions Rudy of the Cafe ofthe Ceremonies than before ; and upon the reading of Dr. Ames Frefh fuit, and forceothers (havingbefore read little on that fide)I came to fee that there was a great difference between the determinationoffuch Circumftances ofOrder as the Law of Nature, or Scripture allow and oblige men to determine one way or other, theGenus being nviceffary, and themaking ofnew myftical fignifi- cant teachingOrdinances, and Symbols ofChriftianity (of which feeBi111oap Jer. Taylor cited in my ad. Plea.) And hereupon I had fetledfny Judgment only agan tthe impofed de of the Crofs in Bap-