Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Baptitfn, and the abufe of undertaking Godfathers. - But now I refolved before I took fuchanOath as this, to tiudy over again thecontroverfie of Epifcopacy, (which elfe I think I lhould fcarce have done) For I faw r. That fuch an OathandCave. nant; foUniverfally impofed,was made the teft andterms ofChurch concord, and fo would be an Engineofdivifionby (hutting out all that couldnot take it. The ScotchOath, and Covet ant was not the firft impofed on us: TheBithops Oath and Covenant to the contrarywent herebefore it. z. I faw that the wholeframe ofthe prefent Church - Government, was about to be fixed, as by an Oathof Allegiance, on theLand, as ifit were as neceffary as Mo narchy, and to bewoven into the fundamental unchangeable con- ftitution, and it were true, NoBithop, no Icing. 3. I askt, What was the meaningof the Et ca>tera, and could have no folution, butfrom thefollowing words [As itRands now etlallifhed] And underftood not well how far Lay- chancellous,Officials, Surrogates, Regifters, Pro&ors, Advocates, were part of the eftablifhed Government; but 1 faw it certainly included, Arch-bithops, Deans, andArchdea- cons. 4. I askt whether the Kingand Parliament had not power to fet up a Bifhop in every Corporation ? and to take down Deans, Arch Deacons, Chanceliours, Officials, &c. and few denied it 5. I askt my feltif theKing andl-parliament make fuch a caange,andcom- mand my Confent, whether I mutt difobey them,and foreftall my obedience by a Covenant andOath ? 6.I thought that what is im- 'pofed onall the Clergie to day, may be impofed on the Laitynext; And then all Parliament men will beSworn and Covenanted ne- ver in Parliament fo much as to Confent to change any of the Church-Government now eftablithed. 7:I found thatI muff alto fwear[That it oughtfo to ftand,] whichcould mean no lets, thanby a DivineLaw, when Mans Law maynot alter it 8. I found fuck Heartinefs, Wil-lingnefsrequired in the Swearer, as required very full fatisfa&ion in all this And that with the terrible re-nunci- cationofthe Help of God in Chrifl,. ifI do not all that I fwear to 9. And I muffbe deprived of myOffice (for Benefice I had none) and cart out of the miniftry, ifI refuted to take this Epifcopal Co- venant andOath. ro. An&I knew that he that made no Confci- ence of deliberate Perjury, had little reafon to hope that he had a- nygoodConfciencc, true Grace, or I-Ionefty; and fpecially if he concurred toinvolve all the Clergie, orNation in theguilt. Upon thefeConfiderations ,i fet my feifto a more fearching Ru- dyof the matter : I read Gerfom Bucer, Didoclaue, 9acol, (and af- ter Parker, Bains,) andothers on one fide, and all that Icould get on_