Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(73) old the Keys, Which by Divine Right are individual (or infeparable.). (Note that.) And S. 27. He faith, It isdoubtful whether Non :whereno Bi(Lops are, and fo are under none, though over none, are to be numbered with Bipoo¢s or meer Presbyters. §, 31. His counfel for the choiceof Paftors is, that (as in 7uftinian's time) none beforcedon the Peopleagainfl their wills, andyet a power referv'd in the chiefRulers to refcindfúch del-lions as are madeto thedeflrultionof Church orCommonwealth. Chap. t t. 4. to. He fheweth that Bifhops arenot by Divineprecept. And 4. I. That therefore the different Government of the Churches that have Bithops, or that have none, fhould be no hindrance to 'Unity.' And S. to, I t. That force Cities had no Bithops, and forcemorethan one And that not only in the Apoftles days, but after, one City had fe- veral Bifhops, in imitation ofthe 7ews, who to every Synagogue had an .Archifynagogus: Page 3 57. He fheweththat there have beenat Romeand elfewhere long vacancies of the Bifhops See, in which the Presbyters Go- verned the Church .without a Bithop ; And faith, that all theAncientsdo con_ fefs, that there isno alt foproper to aBithop, but a Presbyter may do it, except the right ofOrdination. Yet fheweth, p. 353. that Presbyters ordained with Bifhops, and expoundeth the Canonthus, that Presbyters fhouldOrdainnone, contemningthe Bithop. And p. 359. He fheweth thatwhere there is no Bilhop, Presbyters may Ordain, as Altifiodorenfs faith among the Schoolmen. And queftioneth again whetherthe Presbytersthat haveno Bill-lops overthem benot rather Bithops than meer Presbyters ; citing Ambrofe's words [ He that hadno one above him, was aBfhop] (what would he have Paid of our City andCor- poration Paftors that have divers Chapels andCurates under them : Or, of our Prefidentsof Synods : or fuchas the Pallor of the firft Town that ever I was Preacher in (Bridgnorth in Shropjhire) who had fix Parilhes in anex- empt Jurifdh Lion, four or five of them great ones, and kept Court as ordinary like the Bithops, being under none but the Archbifhop.) And §. 12. He theweththat there was great caufe for many Churches to lay by Epìfcopacy fora time. And p. 366. he faith [Certainly Chrifl gave the Keys to be exercifed by the fame men, to whom he gave the power of Preaching and Baptizing. That which God pathjoyned let noman feparate.] (But then hew fhould Satan have ufed the Churches as he hath done ?) And he thewethof meer ruling El- ders (as he had done of Bithops) that they are not neceffary, but are lawful; and that it may be proved fromScripture that they are not dif- pleafing toGod; and that formerly the Laity joyned in Councils. Only he puts thefe Cautions (which I content to) t. That they be not fet up as by God's command. 2. That they meddle no otherwife with the Pafto- rai Office, or Excommunication, thanby way of Counfel. 3. That none be chofen that are unfit. 4. That they ufenocoaltive power, but what L is