Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Is the whole Foundationof Popery. §, p.. 3ö &:,paiJìm 32, &c. t r;,. He frequently calleththat [the Eifeìttialpower] in which Bishops and Presby- ters are equal, and fo taketh the reit but for Accidental. r 2. He, thus defcribeth the Bithops power of Jurifdiftion, c. 3p. 39. §. 1 3 [Awe thofe things which are conflicted' in the Churclp,.only byHumane,Ecclefafticäl Right, thereis in theChurch true yursfiliftion notneceif'arily, dependinaron -theSa- credOrder it felf, if there beanyat allfeparate from Order. Such as Liceñl- ing a Bithop to Ordain in anthers Dioceis, &c. For theft' alts are not Alms Sacri nequefpirituales,, neque attingtnt direEt quicquam ft' pernaturale, fed fiant meré temporales, Cr circa remexternam & ternporalemqua eft . mera ap. plicatio, &c. Theft are not Sacred norSpiritual, ,nor touch any thing directlythat is Supernatural, but areutterly Temporal, and about an External and Tempo- ral matter, Et his folio verum ell, &c. So that it is molt evident, that as God hath left toHumane Prudence the Ordering of fome Modes andCir- cumftances of Worthip and Difcipline and Church -Order, and by' his General Laws, fo Spolatenfis thought that all the Bithops proper Jurifdi- ction lay in thefe things, whichwereofHumane Right, and thatall things of divine appointment were equally belonging to the Presbyters. Where again I delire it may be obferved. i. That Magiftratesmay determine of Inch things, and fo make void or needlefs fuch an Epifcopacy. 2. That it ismolt certain that many things of External Order belong to a Presby- ter to determine, as to one that is the Condufter of the Sacred Aflem- blies : As what Text to preach on, what Method to ufe, what Chapter to read : whereand at what hour the People thall meet, how long they (hall flay, what Tune to fing a Pfalm in, and abundance of the like. So that e- ven that Jurifdiftion which he excepeth to the Bifhop is common tohim with the Presbyter that officiateth: Andall thatcan be pretended is that it belongeth tohim, to determine fisch Circumftances as equally .belong to many Churches (which yet Synods of Presbyters may do as effeftually for Concord.) 3. That indeed there is no trueEcclefiaftical aft which tend- eth not to Internal Spiritual - effefts : Publick Admonitions and Confeffions as well as private are for the humbling of the Sinner, and the exercife of , Repentance; and Excommunications and Abfofutions in publick are not onlyntrt.chiefly for the external Order of the Church,but for the prefervir<g ofthe peoples fouls from fin,and for the warningofothers,and for thepre_ ferving in their minds a due efteemof the holinefs of our Religion, and the necelliity of holinefs inus, and to convince thofe without, that God's Laws and Ways and People are more holythan tholeof the World. This is a clear and certain truth : and therefore according to Spalatenf:s, Pref. byters mutt in publick as well as private Admonitions, and Abfolutions, and Excommunications, have equal power withBithops, except as to the ordering of the Circumítantials of it. Which though he fometime fecal to referve for the Bithop, yet (to do him right) when he doth fo, he faith that it is a mixt power : As itis the exercife of theKeys, it is Ellen - tial to the SacredOffice, common toboth; but as it is a prudential deter- L z mination