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The Epijile Dedicatory. they, feltwilled, they have not been afraid to fpeak evil of dignities, 2 Pet. 2. I0. 3 To [peak evil ? was that the height of prefumption and felf-willednefs then f Alas, howmuch further hath it proceeded now e even under the Cloak of Liberty and Religion ? How many Con- querours that have often triumphed over their enemies, are conquered by themfelves, and live in continual cap- tivity , under this home-bred molt imperious Ty- rant Whence is it but for want of fel/ denyal , that there is fuc h fcrambling for Rule and Greatnefs, for Riches and Honours among all r As if they thought it more defirable to fall from an high place then a low ! and at death topart with Riches then with Poverty ! and at judgement tohave much to anfwer for, then little and to go to heaven as a Camel through a needles eye, then by the more plain and eatie way. Whence is it but for want of felf-denyal that men are fo-hardly convinced of their fins, be they never fo open, and odious, and fcandalous, if they be but fuch as will admit of an excule before the worlds Mott fins that are confelt, are Inch as feem not to be dirgraceful , or fuch whole juttlfication would double the difgrace, or fuch as are con fell in pride , that the confeffor may gain the reputation of humility. Whence is it but for want of felf-denyal, that Chri- than Love is grown fo cold, while all profefs it to be the badge of Chrifts difciples e And that fo many pro- f effors have to little Charity for any but thofe of their own opinions : unlefs it be a flanderingCharity or a perfecuting,or murdering Charity e That all is com- mendable or excufable , that is done by men of own conceits 5. and all condemnable , or a diminu- A 3 tive