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. -- ,......................n.....K., A TREATISE F Self-Denyall. By Richard Baxter , Pallor of the Church at Iccderminlier. PHIL. 2.20,21. I have no man like minded who will naturally carefor yourdate. For all feek their own not the things whichare lefsts LONDON, Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons Bokfeller in Kederminfier, and are to be fold by him there, and by WilliamGilbertfon at the Bible in Gilt- fpurfireet without Newgate, and by gofe ph Nevil at the Plow in Pauls Church- yard, 166o. At 35 - 3d bound.

To the Honourable Colonel James Ber.. ry, one of the Council Of State, &c. SIR, Rovidence having deprived me of the opportunity of nearer converfe with you, whichheretofore I have enjoyed , yet leavingme the fame affections, they work towards you as they can s and have chofen here to (peak toyou in the hearing of the world, that my words may remain to the ends intended , when I private Letter may be burnt or caft afide. Flattery am confident you expea not from me, becaue youknow me , and know me to be your friend, ( Andyet myl toMonitor bath made many (mile, by accufing me of that fawning crime. ) I am told what it is to blefs my friend frisk it loud voice, Prov. 27 , 14. I have learnt my Pelf, that [ open rebuke A 2 is

The Epifile Dedicatory. t;s better then fecret love ; and that faithful are the woundds of a friend but the kiffes of an enemy are deceitful] Prov. 27. 5, 6. And therefore I Ell do as I would be done by. Faithfulnefs and Vfefalnefs than he the mea- lure of my meffage to you. And theyhave command- ed me to fet before you this leffon of selldenyal and earneftly to intreate you, and again itnreate you , that you will faithfully Read , and Learn, and Practice it. Though I judged you to have learnt it long ago, I think it not needlefs to mind you of it again 5 my foul being aftoniihed to fee the power of Selfithisefs in the world, even in'thofe that by Confeffions and Pray- ers,and high Profeffions, have frequently condemned it. Yet this is the Radical-mortal fin. Where this lives, all fin virtually lives. Say that a man is Sedfi/h,and ( in that mea(ure ) you fay all that is naught of him , as to his inclination. That Selfithnefs is the fumme of Vice, and theCapital enemy of God , of Common- wealths, of Order and Government, of all Grace and Vertue, of every holy Ordinanceand Duty, eipecially of Unity and Brotherly Love , and of the welfare of our neighbours, and of our own falvation, I have ma- nifefted to you in the following Diicourfe. But alas , what need we words to manifeft it, when the flamesof difcord and long-continued divifions among Brethren domanifeft it I When hatred, ftrife, variance, emula- tion, backbiting, violence, rebellions , bloodfbed, re- fitting and pulling down of Governments, have fo la- mentably declared it ! When fuchhavock is made by it before our eyes, and the evil fpirit goes on and pro- fpereth, and defolation iszealoufly and ftudiou fly car- ried on, and the voice of Peace- makers is defpifed or drowned in the confided noife I [Prefimptuous are they,

The Epijile Dedicatory. they, feltwilled, they have not been afraid to fpeak evil of dignities, 2 Pet. 2. I0. 3 To [peak evil ? was that the height of prefumption and felf-willednefs then f Alas, howmuch further hath it proceeded now e even under the Cloak of Liberty and Religion ? How many Con- querours that have often triumphed over their enemies, are conquered by themfelves, and live in continual cap- tivity , under this home-bred molt imperious Ty- rant Whence is it but for want of fel/ denyal , that there is fuc h fcrambling for Rule and Greatnefs, for Riches and Honours among all r As if they thought it more defirable to fall from an high place then a low ! and at death topart with Riches then with Poverty ! and at judgement tohave much to anfwer for, then little and to go to heaven as a Camel through a needles eye, then by the more plain and eatie way. Whence is it but for want of felf-denyal that men are fo-hardly convinced of their fins, be they never fo open, and odious, and fcandalous, if they be but fuch as will admit of an excule before the worlds Mott fins that are confelt, are Inch as feem not to be dirgraceful , or fuch whole juttlfication would double the difgrace, or fuch as are con fell in pride , that the confeffor may gain the reputation of humility. Whence is it but for want of felf-denyal, that Chri- than Love is grown fo cold, while all profefs it to be the badge of Chrifts difciples e And that fo many pro- f effors have to little Charity for any but thofe of their own opinions : unlefs it be a flanderingCharity or a perfecuting,or murdering Charity e That all is com- mendable or excufable , that is done by men of own conceits 5. and all condemnable , or a diminu- A 3 tive

*.a...****, The Ep le Dedicatory. tine good, that is found in thole that differ from them 5 efpecially if they difpute or write againft them Whence is it but for want of (elf-deny41 , that men who know that whoredom, and drunkennefs, and theft are fins, can yet be ignorant ( in the miclft of light) that dlfcord and Church-divifions are fins e And that they hear himwith heart-rifing , enmity, or fufpition , that cloth declaim againft them e As if Uniting were become the work of Satan, and Dividing were become the work of Chtiit. I mean not Dividing from thole without, but Dividing in his Church , and among his members 5 who are all baptized with one Spirit into one body, t. Car. 12.13. even the Body of Chrift , (not of the Pope) ofwhich even Apoftles are but mem- bers ( and therefore _Peter was not the Head ) r Car. 12. 27)28. which is fo tempered together by God , that there fhould be no fchifm in it, but that the mem bers fhould have the fame care one of another , I Car. I 2. 24, 25. And that for all theplain and terrible paf- cages againft Divifions, that are found in the word of God , it feems to Tome a Venial fin, and to others a commendable Vertue, if not a mark of Chriftian Pie- ty. I may feem to fpeak incredible things, of the de- lufions of felfifh Profeffors of Religion , they were not attefted by the common and lamentale experience of the times. And whence is it but for want of felf-deyal , that Peace-makers fucceed no better in their attempts ? That while all men cry up Peace andUnity, molt men are deflroying them, and few are furthering them , and fewer do it with zeal and diligence 5 fo few, that they are born down in the crowd , and fpeed no better then Lot among the rabble of theSodomites, that cryed out againft

The Epifile Dedicatory. aaairift him [ This gnefellow came in to fojourn , andhe will needs be a judge : Now will we deal worfe with thee then with them ]Gen.z9.9. How long have fome been longing, and praying, and moving, and labouring for Peace among the profeffed Ions of Piety and Peace, in England? and all ( for ought I fee ) almoft in vain unlefs to the condemnation of a felfifh unpeaceable generation. ( But yet let the fons of Peace plead for it, as long as they have a tongue and breath to (peak. ) Whence can it be but for want of felf-deoy41, that Magiftrates profeffing a zeal for Holinefs , regard no more the intereft of Chrift but that the Name ( and but the name ) of Liberty, ( a Liberty that bath nei- ther Moral good or evil in it ) is fet in theballance againft the things of everlafting confequence and thought fufficient toover-weigh them 4: And that the t.neer pretence of this indifferent- carnal Liberty, is thought an argument of fufficient weight , for the in- troduion of a wicked damning Liberty , even a Li- berty to deceive and de Elroy as many as they can , and to hinder thole that endeavour mens falvation And whats the argument pleaded for all this e: Its partly a pretence of tendernefs andmercy : and partly becaufe men cannot be made Religious by force. And muff fuch ignorant or jugling confufioris lerve turn, to cheat a Nation of their Religion and Liberties , and many thoufands of their falvation As if all the controver- fie were, whether we fhould force others to be of our Religion when it is only or principally , Whether we may hinder them from robbing us of our own ? and from temptingunitable fouls to fin and to damnation and from hindring the means of mens falvation ? and from

The Epifil Dedicatory., from the open pviofiCe of Idolatry or ungodlinefs t' If we cannot force them to theChriflian faith, cannot we hinder them fromdraving others from it ? And are we un,nriercitul to them , if we give them leave to damn themfelves ( for thats the mercy that is pleaded for ) and only hinder them from damning others ? Is it cruelty oi'-` perfecution to hinder them from ticing fouls to Heil, as long as they may freely go thither themfelves ? I fhould rather think,that if we did our beft to lave them (elves, it were far from cruelty. For example, if Infidel or Papifts Books be prohibited , what cruelty or perfecution is this t' If Quakers be hindred from railingat Gods Ordinances in the open ftreets and Affemblies, what cruelty or perfecution is this ? But tome think it enough for this Tolerat on, that :hr.), think as confidently they are in the right, as we do that they err ! And fodo Heathens, Mahome- tans, and Infidels. Andwhat ! Shall every man have leave to do evil, that can but be ignorant enough to think, ( or fay he thinks ) that he doth well e: And muff Magiftrates rule as men that are uncertain whe- ther there be a Chr:11, or a Church, or a Heaven, or Hell, becaufe Come are found in their dominions fo fooli(h or impious as to be uncertain of it In plain Engliffi, is it any hinderance to mens falvation, and furtherance of their damnation , to be made Infidels, Papifts, and fuch as deny the Effentials of Chriftiani- ty, or not t' If not ; then away with Chriftianity and Reformation. Why do we pretend to it our felves t' But if it be; will merciful Rulers fet up a trade for butchering of fouls t' and allow men to let up a (hop of poy Ion, foqllto buy and take that will t' yea to proclaim this for fouls, in ftreets and Church-- . . affemblies'

The Epifile Dedicatory. affemblies, as if mens fouls were no more worth then Rats or Mice, or hurtful verrnine , it were fome noble atchievement to fend as many as may be to the Devil. Judge impartially, Whether all this be not for want of felf-dospl ? If felfifh intereft led them not to this,and if they were more tender of the Intereft of Chrift then of their own , and of mens fouls then of their flefh , it would not be thus. But the fame argument that tempts the fenfual toHell, doth tempt fuch Magi- ftrates to fet upLiberty for drawing men toHell. The wicked fell their fouls to fpare their flefh, and let go Heaven to enjoy the Liberty of finning ' - 6nd run into Hell to fcape the trouble of an holy life : And fuch Magiftrates fell the peoples fouls to fpare the flefh of thedeceivers ; and in tendernefs and mercy to their bo- dies, they dare not reftrain men from feeking their damnation. Is faith and holinefs propagated by per- fwalion, andnot by forcer Surely then Infidelity Popery and tingodlinefs , are propagated by perfwafi- on too ! Agaln I tell yon telf-love doth make fuch Rulers wifer then to grant Commiffion or Liberty to all that will , to rice their fouldiers to mutinies or re- bellion, theirwives to adultery , their children to pro- digality, or their fervants to thievery : But the love of Chrift and mens falvation is not fo thong as to fa- tisfie themwhether men fhould be hindred from railing mutinies in his Church , and from deftroying fouls ! Forfooth, they tell us that Chrift is fufficient to lo k to his own caufe. Very true ( and they {hall one day know it.) But mutt he not therefore to ch or rule by men e Is not Adultery, Murder, Theft , Rebellion , againft the Caufe of Chrift, and hislaws as well as Popery and Infidelity ? And muff they therefore be let alone '( a ) by

The Epilile Dedicatory. by man ? Chrift is fufficient to Teach the world, as well as to Govern. But doth it follow that men muff be no Teachers, under him nothing but felfflmeffe could ca.uCe this blindnefs. Arid becaule I know, that this ftream proceeds from the Rowan fpring, and it is their great defign to perfwade the world, that it belongs not to Magiftrates to meddle withReligion, but only to cherifh them that the Pope approveth of, and to punifb thole whom the Pope condemns, and that Chrift mull Govern and judge of matters of Religion himlelf, that is, by his pretended Roman-Vicechrift, I fball only now fay this that if Rome were acquainted with felf-denyal, and if the feifilh carnal in tereft of Riches and Rule and world- ly greatnefs, hadnot blinded them, they could never have beleeved themlelves, that Chrift did appoint the Pope of Rome to be iis Univerfal Vicar ; and that Prin. ces and Magiftrates in their own Dominions, have not more Power to judge who is to be tolerated or punith- ed by the fword, then the Pope of Rome when no Prieft or Prelate upon earth (as fuch) hath any thing to do with fuch a judgement, no not in the places where they live. All that they have to do herein, is to judge who is the Heretick or offendor in order to his cenfure and excommunication : But its Magiftrates only that mutt judge who is the Heretickor offendor in order to corporal punishment or reftraint. And this I under- take to make good againft all the Papifts in the world much more that the Roman tyrant) hath no fuch Power at the Antipodes, and in all the Chriftian nations on earth. R .member in all this, that I fpeak not againft a To- leration of Godly tolerable men, Epilcopal, Presbyter

the Epifile Dedicatory. ian, Independent, Anabaptift, &c. that will walk in Charity, Peace and Concord ; we (hall never be well till thefe are clofed. But dowe not know that Papiffs have Italy and Spine and Germany and France at hand to help therm' And that if we grant them fuch a liber- ty as fhall Lengthen them and make way for their power, we giveaway our own liberty, and are prepa- ring faggots for our martyrdom, and giving away the Golpel that by wonders of mercy bath been till now preferved, (and I hope (hall be prefeived in delpite of Borne and Hell.) Nor yet do I plead for any cruelty again( a Papift, but for a neceffary Defence of the inter - eft of Chrilit and the fouls ofmen, and the hopes of our potterity. Did Magiftrates well know their dependence upon God, and that they are his officers, and mull make him their end, they would not take their flocks to be their mailers, though they way take them for their charge ; nor would they fet up a carnal intereft of the multitude, againft the pleating of God, and [ens falvation : nor would they think to highly of mens conceits and wills, as to judge it a matter of fo much moment, to allow them in Religion to fay or do what they lift. If allow- ing a M4193felfin the practiceof Known fin, is inconfi - (lent with a irate of grace, and a fign of a miferable (lave of Satan: I leave it to you toconfider, what it wiIl prove to allow others even countries and nations in Known (in. And if Rulers know not that letting up anUniyerfal Vicechrift, and worfhipping bread with Divine worfhip, and ferving God in an unknown tongue, withother points of Popery, are fin ; and that oppofing and reproaching the holy Scriptures, Ordi- nances, and Miniftry, are fin, wo to fuch Rulers, and ( a 2 ,/ WO

T be Epifile Dedicatory. wo to the nations that are Ruled by Inch. 0 what a blefling is a holy fell denying Magiftracy to a Nation ! Ifone would have told me twentyyears ago, that you and inch as you fhould be Rulers in this land, what ap- prehR.nfions fhould I have had ofglorious times e how confidently and joyfully fhould I have pro:nifed my felf an univerfal encouragement to Podlinefs, and a vigorous promoting of the caufe of CIA, and a ze.1- ous luppreffing ofall that is againft it ! Little fhould I is have thought that after Profeflbrs of godlinefs were power, fomany years fhould have been (pent in de- aro/ ing Charity and Unity, and cher ih ng almoft all that will Band up for the Devil, an i plead his caufe a- gainft the Doetrine and Difcipline and Worfhip and Churches andOfficers of Jefus Chrift. And that in their dayes it fhould have been put to the Queftion, whether the Miniftry it felt fhould be taken down. And that men inpower fhould write for Liberty, for all that will call it Pelf Religion,even Popery not excepted (nor I think, Infidelity or Mahurnetifme it felf ) and that thole that write fa fhould be inert in Power. My heart would have rifen again ft him as an odious calumniator, that fhould have prefumed to tell me, that fuch men as haveattempted this, would ever have come to fuch a pats : and I fhould have encountered themwith Haze:- els qUeftion, Are they dogs, that they fhoulddo fo vile a thing e and exercife fuch cruelty on fouls, and leek to bring back the people of God to the Romifh vo- mit, and let up the greateft tyranny on earth, and all under pretence of a Religious Liberty. But alas, it is not Magiftrates only that are fo want- ing in felf-denyal. Minifters alto are guilty of this Crime: Or elfe we fhould not have been fo forward to divifions

The Epijile Dedicatory. divilions, and fo backward to the cure 5 nor would men ofthis profeffion, for the intereft of their opinions and parties, have cherifhed diffenfion, and fled from concord, and have had a hand in the refilling and pul- ling down authority, and embroiling the nations in wars and miferies. And whence is it bat for want of fell-deny41, (for our own faults muff be confelled) that the Minifters of Chriff, are fo much fluent in the midit of Inch heynous mifcarriages as the times abound with I knowwe receive not our Commiffion as Pro- phets did, by immediate extraordinary infpiration ! But what of that The Priefts that were called by an ordinary way, were bound to be plain and faithful in their office, as well as the Prophets: And fo are we. How plainly (poke the Prophets even to Kings e and ho'v patiently did they bear indignities and perfecuti ons e: But nowwe are grown carnally wire and cau telous ; (for holy wifdom and caution I allow) and if duty be like to coft us dear, we can think that we are excufed from it : If great men would fet up Popery in the land by a Toleration, after fo much blood and war arY .b- infl it, and fo much failing and prayer for re- formation, and fo many foleinn engagements and pro- feffions 5 alas, howmany Mtnifters think they miy be fluent, for fear left the contrivers fhould cal! them fe- ditious, or turbulent or difobedient, or fhould fet a Rogers., or a Stubbe, or a Pierce, to raile at them and call them Lyers and Calionsniar s : or tor fear left they fhould be perfecu ed, and ruined in their eftates or names I. If they do bur forefee, that men in power or' honour in the world, will charge themwith Lye or on- chriflian dealing; for (peaking the words of 3" nob lnd soberneft,againft the Introduaion of Popery anz itu-- ( a 3) piety,

Epiftle Dedicatory. piety, and that they (ball be made as the (corn and off- fcouringof the world, and haveall manner of evil lay- ing falfly Ipoken of them, for the Cake of Chrift, his Church and truth, they prefently confult with flesh and blood, and think themfelves difcharged of their duty: when God faith, Ezqe. 33. 6, Sze. Cif the watchman fee thefwordcome, andblow r, of the trumpet, and thepeople be not warned .; if the fword come and take a4y perfon from among therm, he is taken away in h4 iniquity, but his blood will I require at the watchmans hand.] And were we no watchmen, yet we have this command, Lev. 19,17. [Thou, fhalt not hate thy bother in thy heart thou (halt in any wife rebuke thy neighbour, and not Pifer finupon him.] Yet now many Miniflers will be cruelly filent, left they should be charged with malice and hating thole whom they are commanded to rebu:e. The fword of violence I perlwade them not to meddle with : but were it not for want offelf-deriyal, the fword of the fpirit would be more faithfully managed againft the fins of the greateft enemies of Chrif and of the Gofpel, then it is by moft, though it ihould colt us more then (corns and !tinders, and though we know that bonds and afflitions did abide us. And verily I cannot yet underftand, that the con- tempt and (cornof the Miniftry in England, is fed by any thing fo much as felphnefe. Could we be for all mens opinions and Carnal interefts, all men, for ought I fee, would be for use Is it a crime to be a Nlinifteref Doubtlefs its then a crime to be a Chriflian : And he that railes at us as Minifters to day, its like will raile at us as Chriftians to morrow. But if fuch will vouch- fafe to come tome, before they venture their fouls, and foberly debate the cafe, I undertake to prove the truth

The Epifile Dedicatory. truthofChriftianity. The world may fee in Clem. Writers exceptions againft my Treatife of Infidelity, what thin tranfparent Sophifrns, and filly Cavils , they ufe againft the Chriftian =Ie. When they have well anfwered, not only that Treatife,but Du Plefsis,Grotios, rives, Ficinus, c1lit-re:14u, and the antient Apologies of the Chriftian Writers of the Church , let them boaft then that they have confuted Chriftianity. The Devil hath told me long ago in his fecret temptations , as much againft the Chriftian Faith, as ever I yet read in any of our Apoftates : But God hath told me of much more chats for it, and enabled me to fee the folly of their Reafonings , ;hat think the myfteries of the Gofpel to be fooliffinefs. But if it be not as Minifters and Chriftians that we arehated ; what is it then ? If becaufe we are igno- rant) infufficient, negligent or fcandalous, why do they not by a legal tryal cart us out, and pat thofe in our places that are more able, diligent and godly , when we have provok't them to it, and beg'd it of them fo often as we have done e I? it be becaufe we are not Pdpigs, it is becaufe we cannot renounce all ourfenfes, our Reafon, the Scripture, the 'Unity, lodgement and Tradition of the far greateft part of the Univerfal Church If I have not already proved that Popety fighteth againft all thefe, and am not able to make it good againft any Jefuite on earth, let them go on to number me with Hereticks, and let themufe me as they do Inch when I am in their power. If we are hated be- caufe we are not of the opinions of thofe that hate us, it feems thole opinions are enemies to Charity ; and then we have little reafon to embrace them. And if thisbe it, weare under an unavoidable neceffity of be- ing

The Epifile Dedicatory. ing hated : For among fuchdiverfity of opin'ons, it is impoilible for us to comply with all, if we draft be falle to the known truth, and durft become the fervants of men, and make every Pel conceited Brother the Matter of our Faith. I f we are fo reviled, becaufe we are againft an Univerfal Liberty of (peaking or writ- iig againtt the truths and wales of Chrift, and of la- bouring in Satans harveft, to the dsidmgof the Chur- ches and thedamn tion of fouls, it is then in the up- (hot, becaufe we are ofany Religion, and are not de- {pliers of the Gofpel, and of the Church, and of mens tr-lvation and becaufe we believe in Jefus Chrift. I have lately found by their exclamations, and common deramations, and threatnings, and by the Volumes of reproaches that comeforth againft me , and by the fwarms of lyes that have been fent forth again ft me through the Land, that even the prefent Contrivers of England, Mifery ( Liberty, I would fay ) andof Tole- ration for Popery, and more, are themfelves unable to bear contradidion from one fuch an inconfiderable per- fon as my felt; and they have got it into the mouthes of fouldiers, that my writings are the of wars, and that till I give over writing, they (hall not give over fighting ( though I do all that I am able to do for Peace ). And if this he fo, what a cafe would they bring the Nation into, by giving far greater Liberty to all , then ever I made ufe of ! Unlefs they flill except a Li- berty of contradiaing themfelves, they muft look for other kind of ufage, when Libertinifm is fet up. Yea if they will leek the ruineof the Church and Caufe of Chrift, they muft look that we fhould take Liberty to contradidt them, and to fpeak for Chrift and the fouls of men, till they have deprived us of tongues, or pens, or

he Epitile Dedicatory. or lives ; And theymutt expea. that we obey God ra- ther then men, and that as Paul did Peter, Gal. 2. I r we withfland them to theface 5 and that Satan thin not be unrefifted, becaufe he is transformed into an Angel of Light 5 nor his cminifiers be unrefifted , becaufe they are transformed into the ciTtinillers ofRighteotifnefs 5 nor the falfe Apoflies anddeceitful worktrs, becaufe they are transformedinto the Apoilles of Ghrif7 ] 2 Cor. II. 13, 14, 15. Nor mutt they think to do fo horrid a thing, as to weave their Libertiniftn, and Toleration of Popery into a new Fundamental Goniiitittion of the Common-wealth , which Parliaments muff have no power to alter , and that theages to come shall curieus for our filence, and fay that Minifters, and other Chriftians were all fo bafely felfilh, as for fear of reproaches or fufferings 3 to fay no- thing, but cowardly to betray the Gofpel and their C untrey. If the rattling of the hail of perfecution on e tiles, even on this flefh, which is but the tabernacle ofour fouls, be a terrible thing ; how much more ter- rible is the indignation of the Lord, and the threats of him that is a confirming fire ! If you can venture y our lifeagainft an ehe,ny in the field, we are baftards and not Chriftians if we cannot venture ours , and give themup to perfecuting rage, as long as we know that we have a Matter that will fave us harmlefs , and that the God whomwe ferve is able to deliver us , and that he hath charged us not to fear them that kill the body, and after that can dono more , ay. and that he hath told us that we are blefled when men revile us and per- fecute us, and fay all manner of evil againft us falfly for his fake ; biddingus, Rejoyce and be exceedtn7 glad, forgreat is our reward in heaven : for [0 perfecuted they the Propbets that were before us, Mat.5. to, I I, t 2 . and (b) when,-

The Fp le Dedicatory. --..-1111110.111111111 when we are told that he that will Pave his life than lofe it and wholoever will lofe his life, for the fakeof Clqiii,fhall find it, Min, i6. 25. and when we know that we own a mile that fhall prevail at Taff, and refit them whofe end (hall be according to their works , 2 Car. I I 1 5. And what though this be unknown to the op- pofers ti That will not warrant us to betray a caufe that we knoiv to beof God ; norwill the ignorance of others excuCe us for negleCring known truth and duty. If the fouls of private perfons be worth all the ftudy and labour of our lives, and we mutt deal faithfully with them,whatever it fhall coft us; Purely the fiafety of a Nation, and the holes of our pofterity, and the pub- like intereft of Chritt,is worthy to be fpoken for with much more zeal, and we may Culler more joyfully , for contradicting a publike deth over of the Church, then for telling a poor drunkard or whoremonger of his iin and mifery, Hitherto I have permitted my pen to exprels my fenfe of the common want of Pelf-denyal in the Land : Now give me leave, as your moff affeaionate faithful, friend, to turn my [file a little to your felt., and earneft- ly to entreate of you theft following particulars. 1. In general, that as long as you live you will watch againft this common deadly fin of Stiffing's , and fludy continually the duty of Self-deynal. We {hall be empty of Chrift, till we are Noth;ng in our [elves. Blared are the poor in fpirt, for theirs is the Kingdom, of Heaven. Self is the ftrongeft and moft dangerous enemy that ever youfoughtagainft. It is a whole Ar- my united ; and the more dangerous becaufe fo near.. Many that have fought as valiantly and fuccefsfully arazainft other (atime.s as you,have at lalbeen conquer-

The Epijile Dedicatory. ed and undone by Self. And conquer it you cannot without a coal : And the conflict muft endure as long as you live : And combating is not pteafing to the enemy : And therefore as long as fell' is the enemy, and felt-pleating fo natural to corrupted man , ( that fliould be wholly addicted to Pleafe the Lord ) self-denyai will proxie a difficult task : And if fomewhat in the advice that would engage you deeper in the contliel , fhould feem bitter or ungrateful, I thould not wonder. And let me freely tell you , that your profperity and ad- vancement will make the work fo exceeding difficult that fince you have been a Major General, and a Lord , and now a Councellor of State, you have flood in a more flippery perilous place , and have need of much. more grace and vigilancy, then when you were but Baxter's Friend Great places and employments have great temptations, andare great avocations of the mind from God. And no errour tcarcely can be fmall , that is committed in publike great affairs ; which the ho- nor of God, and the temporal and 1piritual welfare of io many, do, in fome fort depend upon. Theie times have toldus to our glief, , what violory and profperity can do, to ftrengthen the (elfifh principle in men : They have fwallowed Camels fince they-were lifted up, that would have (trained at Gnats in a lower ftate. The Miniftery, and Ordinances, and holy Communion that once were fweet to them , are grown into contempt. centaaryand Wormwoodare excellent helps to procure an appetite, and arengthen the ftomack ; but marrow and fweetuefs breed a loathing. The Vertiginous dif- eafe is not fo ftrong with them that are on the ground, as with them that ftand on the top of a fteeple. I had rather twenty times look up at them that are foexalted, ( b 2 ) then

The Epifile Dedicatory. then ft and with them, and have the terror of looking down. Had not profeffors been intoxicated by pro- fperity, they had not believed and lived fo giddily. I have often Peen mens reafon marr'd with a cup or two, too much, but feldom by too little. And too many I have known, that have wounded confcience and fold their fouls for the love of profperity and wealth; but none that ever did it for poverty. For a rich man to be faved is impollible to man, though all things are pop jible with God, MAtti. 19. 26. Luk 18. 27. For my own part, I blefs God that hath kept me from great- ners in the world, and I take it as the principal ad of frieridjhip that ever you did for me that you provoked me to this fweet, though flefh-difPleafing life, of the Miniftry, in which I have chofen to abide. I had rather, lye in health on the hardeft bed, then be fick upon the fofteft. And I fee that a fether-bed maketh not a fick man well. The fleep of the labouring man is fweet Theplow-mans brown bread and c heefe, is more fa,- voury to him, andbreedeth fewer fickneffes, then the fulnels and variety of the rich. This country dyet doth not cherithvoluptuoufnefs,arrogancy,vain-glory, earthlymindednefs , uncharitablenefs, andother felfilly, difeafes, fo much as worldly greatnefs doth. Experience tells us that moft men are bell in a low elate infornuch that a bad man in fickneCs will fpeak better, and feemmore penitent and mortified,then ma- nybetter' men in health, Its a wonderful hard thing to live like a Chriftian in full profperity and to be above this world, and have lively apprehenhons of the invifible things, and live a heavenly converfation, in health and wealth, when our flefh hath fo muchprovi- on at hand, to accommodate and pleafe it, Profperity cloth

The Eple Dedicatory,. dothpowerfully corrupt the mind : It breedeth many dangerous errors, and vices ; and it maketh ufelefs that knowledge which menhave : fo that though fuch men can fpeak the fame words as another, about the matters of the life to come, it is but dre-amingly, and, without life. Their Knowledge bathbutdittle power ,on their hearts and lives. The world is fo Great with them, which is as nothing, that God and everkifling life are as nothing to them, which are 411. They are lofullofthe creature that they haveno room for chrifi : and fo bu. fieabout earth, that they have but little time for hcip- ven : and talk fo much fweetnefs in their prefent pomp, that they cannot rein the true anddurable de- lights. Theyknow their tdifor.dr, as theyknow fome Aftronomical, or Geometrical verities, by an opinion or uneffeaual Knowledge : fo that indeed they Know Not what they Know. Paufanias in his profperity de- firing to hear fome fecrets of Philofoph-y, had no more from simonides but, Remember that thou art a man : He contemned this at the prefent, as a ridiculous Me= mentoof that which no man could forget : But when he was reduced toan extremity, he then remembred the Philofophers leffon and perceived there was more: in it, then he underftood when he contemned it. How little is there in a profperous Rate, that fhould Teem clearable in a wife mans eyes e -why is it that great travellors and ftatermen, and all that have molt tryed the world, defire to withdraw from it, toward the evening of their age, and to retire themfelves into a private life, that theymay there look towards -eter- nal things,and cry out of the Vanity and Vexation which they have here found Muff we not conceive them wifer after much experience, then before d and there- ( b 3) ,fo:e

The Epifile Dedicatory. fore wifer in their receffe, then in their afpirinv ? and therefore that its folly to be, ambitious, and wifdom to contemn the world: why elle do dying men molt contemn it ? Dearfriend, you'l think of there things more underftandinglyand more feelingly one of theCe dayes, when you come to dye, then you can do now. I would not for all the world have been without the advantages of looking death fo often in the face, as I have done fence you firft knewme. I f I have been but a while without this fight, and have but conceited that yet I have many years tolive, alas, how it hath, enervated my Knowledge and my Meditations So that twenty times thinking the fame holy thoughts, will not do Co much as once will do, when I feem to be nearer my everlafting ftate. And what cloth worldly greatnefs add to your real worth in the eyes of God or of wife men? Magiftracy as a thing Divine L honour : But Tames hath taught me, not to be partial to the rich as rich, and call up the man with thegold ring and gay attire, and fay to the poor,Sit there at my footflool. As to be proud of fine cloaths is a childith or womanifh piece of folly, below a man : fo to be proud of vidories, and dignities,and wealth,and worldly honours, is the vanity of an Infidel or Atheift, and below a Chriftian that hath the hopes of heaven. Ifa man be holy, he is above his worldly greatnefs, and beareth it as his burden, and feareth it as his fhare. And if he be Carnal, he is the fatter in his rnifery ; and golden fetters are ftronger then any o- thers. A pebble- ftone on the top of At/as is but a pebble: and a pearl is a pearl in the bottom of the tea. A nettle an the topof a mountain is but a nettle : and a cedar in the loweft valley is a cedap% If God dwell with

NV. The EpleDedicatory. with the contrite, and have relpeft to him that is poor and humble, and trembleth at his word, it kerns they are moil to be refpetled, and are the molt honourable, if God can put more honour upon us by his approbati- on then man. God will not ask us,ithere we havegrown (in order to our Justification) but what fruit we have born r nor whether we were Richor poor but whe- ther we were Holyor unholy e nor twha mos our Elation but How we behaved our [elves in it e Profperity ufually breedeth a tendernefs and fickly frame of foul, fo that we can fcarce look out ofdoor, but our affedions take cold ; and can force feed on the moll wholefome food, but we receive it wiih forne loathing, or turn it to the matter of fome difeafe. But to worldly vanities, it breeds a Canine appetite : that ambitious wretches are like dogs, that greedily fsvallow the morfel that you caft them, and prefently gape for more. But wholefome poverty, hardeneth us again{( fuch tenderness and infirmities, andbreedeth not Lich difeafes in the foul [ A Poor mans rod when thou doji ri4le, is both a weapon and a guide] faith our ferlow Poet. I sleep moll fweetly when I have tra- velled in the celchfrofl and mow are friends to the feed, though they are enemies to the flower. Adverfity in- deed is contrary to Glory, but it befriendeth Grace. Plutarch tells us, that when Cefar paft by a finoky riaity village, at the foot of the A1pes, fome of his Commanders merrily askt him, [whether there was rich a fiirfor Commands anddignities and honours among thofe cattages, as there was at Rome ? The anfvver's eafie. Do you think that an Antony, a Matk, a Hierom, or fuch other of the antient retired Chriftians, were not- wifer and happier men, then a Nowt a Cahgulg yea or. a.

f4ven. The Einfile Dedicatory. or a ttl us, or Auguflus Cefar ? Is it a defirable thing to be a Lord or Ruler, before we turn to common earth e and as Marius that was one day madeEmperour, and reigned the next., and was Clain by a fouldier the next fo to be worfhipped to day, and laid in the duff, if not in hell, to morrow r It was the laying of the Emperour Severta omniafui , fednibil expedit : And of King David, "havefees an end of all perfeaion. 0 value thefe things but as theydeferve! Speak impartial- ly ; Are not thole, that are {hiving to get up the ladder, foolifli and ridiculous , when thole that are at the top , have attained but danger, trouble and envy 5 and thole that fall down are accounted miferable Sed nulla acenita bibuntor 'Fitfilibus There .are more draughts of poyfon given in Golden, then in earthen Veil& , faith the Poet. The Scythian thereforewas no tool, that when the Emperour Mich. Paleologits fent him precious Ornaments and Jewels , askt, What they were goodfor ? Whether they wouldpre- ferve himfrom calamity, ficknef; or death and fent them home, when he heard they were of no more ufe. You defire not the biggefi (boar, orcloathes, but themeetefl So do by your dignityand eftate : As you mat ask but your Daily bread, fo muffyou defire nomore : Neither poverty, nor riches, but convenient food : yet fo as to learn to abound and to want, and in every mate to be content : bearing Riches and Dignity if ca/ upon you, without feeking 5 but not defaring or gaping after them , nor glai ying in them Undergoing them as a burden with patience and felf-denyal , and carefully ufing

The Epifile Dedicatory. ufing all for God ; but neither defiring nor ufing them for Carnal felf. ['They that will be rich (or great) fall into temptation and a [rare, and into many foolifh and hurtful lulls, which drown men in elegruilion and perdi- tion : for the love ofmoney is the root of all evil, which while Lorne coveted after, they have erred from thefaith, and pierced themfelves through with many farrows] Tim 6.9, 1o. Remember where you begun, and where you muff end. Nakedyou came into the woi ld, and naked you nitift return to eitifi. You brought no riches hither, and none than you take hence, unlefs you learn the bleffed art of making friends of the unrighteous Mammon, and laying up a good foundation againft the time to come, and laying up a treafure in heaven, by the right im- provement ofyour prefent mercies. hough our life be not circular, but progreffive, the end as to our na- turals, is liker to the beginning then to the middle. If we dye not children, yet liker to children then we live. Its fad that the height and perfection of our age fhould be the height of our folly : And that childhood and retired age fhould be leaft entangled with theie vanities. And its a lamentable ftupiclity that allowech fell fo confidently to play its game, fo near eternity, where one would think the note of damned fouls, and the triumphant joyes of bleffed Saints, that paft to reit by the way of felf-denyal, should mar the fport and turn their pride into shame and trembling ; and the great things of mortality that are even at hand, fhould drown the noifeof pomp and pleafure, and make the Greatnefs of this world appear an inconfiderable thing. The Lord grant that you be no lefs humble, andheavenly, and true to Chat, and above this world, ( then

The Epifile Dedicatory. then when you and I had our firft familiar converfe, (and lure by this time you fhould be much better.) Its faid of figettbocles King of Sicilie, that having been a Potters fon, he would alwayes have together, earthen and golden veffels at his table, to remember him of his Original. You tread on earth, and bear about you fugh evidences of your frailty, as ferve to tell you, whence your fled) is, and whither its going, and how it (honk' be ufed now Remember alto your fpiritual new birth, by what feed you were begotten, and by what milkyou were nourifhed, and fee that you de- generate not, and do nothing unworthy that noble birth, and the heavenly nature then received. II. And remember that jelfidenyol is never right, wiles it be canted by the love of God ; and as you deny your fell, foyou entirely and unrefervedly devote your !elf to him. To this end I craveyour obfervation of there few unqueftionable precepts. 1. TakeheedofUnbelief, and dread all temptations tending to it, and live by that faith which maketh ab- fent things to be to you as prefent, and things unCeen as if they were feen, When Heaven once loleth its intereft in the foul, the world may play Rex and de- lude and deftroy us at its pleafure. a . Take heed ofall intrufions offe/flihnefs:Elpecial- ly overvalue not your own underftanding in the things of God. Draw not a great pidure of a little man. Be not eafily drawn to contemn the judgments of thole that have fearched the holy Scriptures, with equal diligenceand humility, and with much more ad- vantages of retirednefs, and time and helps then you. 3. Takeheed of engaging your hand, or tongue, or fecret thoughts, again it the faithful Minifters of Chrift: But

The Epiflie Dedicatory, But further the work of Chrift in their hands, with all your power. I am no Prophet, but yet prefume t fay, that if the reproaches ofa faithful minifier in .Eng- land bepurg'd away without somedreadful judgment of God on the Apoflate reproachers, or else a defertion of the nation, by a removing of our glory, t (hall wonder at the patience and forbearanceof the Lord. Its a dreadful ob- fervation ' to fee fo muchof the fpirit of Malignity poi felling thofe that once Paid, they fought againft Malig- nant s. And that the Minifters and fervants of the Lord, are railed at by many of them, as formerly they were by the worft of thofe that their hands deftroyed And with this dreadful aggravation, that then it was but fome that were reviled, and now with many it is all : then it was under the name of Puritans and Round-heads 3 and now it is openly as Minifters, un- der the name of PrieIfs, and Blackcoats, and Presbyters, and Pulpeteers. What have thefe fouls done, that they are fo far forfaken by the Lord ! The judge ofall the world is at the door, that will plead his fervants caufe in righteoufnefs. It is hard kickingagainft the pricks. He that defpifeth, defpifeth not men, but God. Pet- fecution under pretence of Liberty, is heightened with hypocrifie, and is one of the greateft fins in the world. But men are not catcht in fp;ders webs, though Ayes are: our. Lord will make us a way to efcape. Perfecu- tion never. conquered Chrift : And becaufe he lives we live alto. Here is the faith and patience of the Saints. I know that malice wants not words to cloak their iniquity, He that hath will and power todohurt, bath fo much wit as topretend form reafon for it : Though I think that maiice did never walk more nakedly , fince ( c 2 ) the

The Erft le Dedicatoq. the Primitive perfecutions, than it doth in England at this day. Their principles and profound contrivances they can Hide; but their cmalignity goes ftark naked , and is alma grownpaft fhame. They talk againft Mer- cenary Miniflers , as if they had never read I Car. 9. Mal. 3. and inch other Scriptures: Or, as if they en- v} ed food and rayment to them that watch and labour for their fouls, to whom they are commanded to give double honour, i Tim, 5. 7. when they envy, not Provender to their horfes,nor Fodder to their labouring_ Ox, nor the crams to their very dogs. But the matter is, that their wit is too leant and narrow for their ma- lice ; and therefore the Popifh and Malignant enemies have no fairer pretence to calf out the Miniftry, , then by this engaging the Covetoufnefs of the ignorant and ungodly fort againft them. i hey talk of our want of a juft call : But what is it in point of coiliing that is wanting ,.' Abilities fay fome succefsiov fay others ; cil,nrades fay others 5 and indeed its what the Interefi of felfilb men cloth dictate to the accufers, 0 that they would tell us what is the due Call ; and where is the Min:fiery on earth that hath it, if we have not If they would haveall laid by that work not Miracles, we may fee what they would have done to the Church. If we are not what they would have us be, and do not what they would have us do, why do they not come in cha- rity and meeknefs , and Phew us the course that we fhould take e if we are fools or befides our felves, it is for them. The Godwhomwe ferve, that will fhortly judge us, is our witnefs, that we have chofen the Cal- ling that we are in, for their falvation,and for his glory; and ttut we labour in it in feafon and out of feafon, to vleafe Chrift, and to profit them, rather then to pleafe or

The Epifile Dedicatory._ or accommodate our (kill. You brought me into the tvliniftry : I amconfident youknow to what ends,and with wharintentions I defiled it : I was then veryjg- norant, young and raw : Though my vveaknefs be yet fuch as I muff lament, I muff fay, to the praife of the great Shepherd of the flock, that he bath fence then- afforded me precious opportunities, much affiftance , and as much encouragement as to any man that I know alive. You know my education and initial weaknefs was fuch as forbiddeth me to glory in the flefh : But I will norrob Goctof his Glory , toavoid the appearance of oftentation, left I be proud of feerrt ing not to be prothi: I doubt not but many thou land. fouls will think you, when they have here read that you were the man that led me into the Miniftry. And fliall I entertain a fufpition, thatyou will ever hearken to thole men, that would rob you of the reward of many fuch ;corks, andengage you againft the King of Saints e Isnt gain, or eafe, or worldly advantages that continueth me in this work e Let me fpeak as a fool Peeing it is for the Lord in imitation of Pi,d that wax no fool. Was I not capable of Secular and Military advancement as well as others that-are grown great'? Did I ever follicite you lo much as for my arrears ( which is many hundred pounds ) tf You could Pearce do the thing that would gratifie my flea) more, thentO, filenceand depofe rile from theMinary. Might I con fult with the flefh, I fhould be more againft my own employment then many of my enemies are. Did I but turn,Phyfitian, I could- get more worldly wealth : And my Patients would not be fo froward, and quarrel- forn,and unthankful, as molt Minifters find their car- nal auditors to be. When men come-to me- for Phy-; ( c 3 ) tick

The fpifite Dedicatory. lick for their bodies, how fubmiffive are they e and how do they intreate'f and what thanks after will they return e But when we would help their fouls, what ca- vils, and quarrels, and unthankful obftinacy do we meet with e We muft be much beholden to them to accept our help, and all will not ferve turn. My Pati- ents that have bodily difeafes will pay me, if I would take it : But if by giving them twice as much as I re- ceive, I could fatisfie and further the cure of difeafed fouls, how joyful fhould I bee Andmuft we deny our !selves and all things in the world,for our peoples fakes, and after all be reproached as if we were a mercenary eneration, and fought our felves ! 0 how will God confound this ingratitude, when he comes to judge ? Something they might fay , if the Minifters of Eng- landhad the provilionof the French and other Popifh Clergy. ( I will not prefume to compare now our Cal- ing, fidelity and maintenance, with Magiftrates, Judges and men of other profeffions. ) Should I fuppofe the Magifiracy epitomized in you,and the Minifiery in me, I fhould give you an undue advantage : For I fuppore there are far more Minifters better then me,then there are Magiftrates better then you. And yet I think you would not judge of me, as the Minifters are judged of. As there are no fuch Commiffioners for ejection of fcandalous infufficient negligent Magiftrates, as are for the eje6tion of fuch Minifters, fo if there were,I fhould not doubt, but you would quickly fee which part were lyable to more exceptions. But when I look on the faithful Minifters round about me, ( how many of them could I name ! ) withwhom my confcience tells n- Le I am not worthy tobe compared in Holinefs, 1 2M then amazedat the ingratitude of the Apoftates of this age.

The EpleDedicatory. age. How conftantly and zealoufly do they preach in publ'ck , at home and abroad , fol.= of them many times a week c How diligently do they inftrua the ignorant in private, from haute to houfe ? How un- blamably, and meekly, and felf-denyingly do they behave themfelves r And are men that oncemadepro- fefsion of Religion, become the enemies of fuch a Minifiry e [ O myfoul, come not thou into their fecret unto their etprembly mine honour be not thou united] Gen. 49. 6. I had rather be in the cafe of Turks, yea ofCan- nibals, then of thofe men. I know that many think our very ignorant Dividers to have more illumination, and that the Paftors of the flocks are carnal ignorant men : ( As the blind man that rufht againft another, and asked him , whether he were blind, that could not go out of his way.) But I have long tryed the fpirits s and I have found that thefe Cameleons have nothing within but lungs :. and that ftraw and little licksmay make the quicken and the lighteft blaze, but will not make a durable,fire , as the bigger fewel doth. A Bittern hath a lowder voice then a Swan or Eagle. And in Tome one thing .a bungler may excel' a better workman. And what if one Mini- fter excel' in one gift, and another in another, and few in all e Is not this like the Primitive adminiftration Yoube not angry with your apple-tree that it bear; not plumbs, nor with your pear-tree that it bears not figs But I have been too tedious. I befeech you interpret not any of thefe words as intended for accuCation or fufp'ition of your fell : God forbid you fhould ever fall from th,it integrity, that I am perfvvaded you oncehad, But my eye is on the Times with grief, and onmy An tieni,Dearefi Friend with zove,And in anage of Iniqui.

The Epifile Dedicatory. ty and Temptation, my confcience and the world shall never fay, that I was unfaithful to my friend, and for- bore to tell him of the common dangers. Dear Friend, take heed of a glittering flattering world. Remember that greatnefs makes few bad men good, and fewgood men better. As Seneca faith, The Carkaife is as truly dead that is embalmed , as that which is drag'd to the grave with hooks. [ And this fay,the time is jhort a It remained, that they that weep be as if they wept not, and they that rejoyce its though they re- joyced not , and they that buy-o.though they pojeffed not , and they that fife this world as they that ufe it not, for the falbionof this worldpagetharvay. 3 r Cor. 7. 29, 3o, 3 1. And when the foul or the worldly fool is required of him , thenwhole fhall all their dignities , and honors, any riches be In the mean time, God judgeth not byoutward appearance as man judgeth, nor honoureth any for being honouredof men. juvers. Solos honor merito qui datur,Ille dater, Thefe truths ( well known to you) I thought meet here to fet before your eyes, not knowing whether I (hall any more converfe withyou in the flefh ; and Alb to defire you ferioufly to read over thefe popular Ser- mons ( perfwaded to the Prefs by the importunity of forne faithful Brethren, that love a mean difcourfe on fo neceffaty a fubjed : ) Watch and pray, that you en- ternot into temptation. I reit, sex. 12. iSit. Your Friend, ichardBaxter.