Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

46 ensgreat averfnefs to cofily or troublefome duties. er vomit, or purg, or you will die] 0 what a wrong they take it to be told thus ? If a Minifler tell one of them that bath the death marks of ungodlinefi in the face of his Converfation [Neighbour, 1. mull deal plainly with you ; your Ave is fad : you are unfaxtlified and unjuflified, and in theflavery of the De- vil, and will be loll for ever, ;f you die before you are converted and made a new creature ; and therefore turn prefently scum love yourf4sl its ten to one but he fbould have a reproachful! an- swer infiead of thanks and obedience. And all this thews that fell. bears the rti!e. I will give one inflance from the Gape!, that will tell you plainly the power offeif. In Luke 4. 20, &c. you read of an excellent Sermon preached by Jefus Chrifi him- felf, fo that all did wonder at his gracious words : yet few were converted by it, but they fell on cavilling againil him becaufe of his furpored Parentage and Breedirg : Whereupon Chrift tel- leth them that Elias and Elifba though mots excellent Prophets, wr-re fent but for the fake of a few, and therefore it was no wonder if of all that multitude it was but a few that fhould be converted and faved by him. This very doftrine fo ceded thefe wretches, that the text faith ver. 29. that all they in the Synagogue when they beard thefe thinge were filled with wrath, and rofe up and throll h m out of the City and led him to the brow of the hill whereon their City was built that they might cafi him down headlong.] See what entertainment fuch doctrine hadeven from Clirifi himielf! As if they fhould have raid, what ! are we all muconverted and ungodly,fhall none be favedbut afew fuch asyen! Self was not able to bear this dothine? they would have had his life or 7. Again, let but a Minifier or private Chriflian, deal clofely with ungodly rren or Hypocrites about their partiCular fins, by private reproof, and fee whether Self be not Lord and King in them. 0 how fcurvily they will look at you ? and their hearts do refenrly rife againit you with difpleafure, and they meet you 'with diflaile and paffion , and plead for their fins, or at Iealt excufe or extenuate them; or bethink thernfelves what they may hit you, in the teeth with ofyour own : Or if malice it felt can fallen 'nothingon you, they let fly at profeffors,or thole that they think are of your mind and way : in a word, they