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The Epifil Dedicatory., from the open pviofiCe of Idolatry or ungodlinefs t' If we cannot force them to theChriflian faith, cannot we hinder them fromdraving others from it ? And are we un,nriercitul to them , if we give them leave to damn themfelves ( for thats the mercy that is pleaded for ) and only hinder them from damning others ? Is it cruelty oi'-` perfecution to hinder them from ticing fouls to Heil, as long as they may freely go thither themfelves ? I fhould rather think,that if we did our beft to lave them (elves, it were far from cruelty. For example, if Infidel or Papifts Books be prohibited , what cruelty or perfecution is this t' If Quakers be hindred from railingat Gods Ordinances in the open ftreets and Affemblies, what cruelty or perfecution is this ? But tome think it enough for this Tolerat on, that :hr.), think as confidently they are in the right, as we do that they err ! And fodo Heathens, Mahome- tans, and Infidels. Andwhat ! Shall every man have leave to do evil, that can but be ignorant enough to think, ( or fay he thinks ) that he doth well e: And muff Magiftrates rule as men that are uncertain whe- ther there be a Chr:11, or a Church, or a Heaven, or Hell, becaufe Come are found in their dominions fo fooli(h or impious as to be uncertain of it In plain Engliffi, is it any hinderance to mens falvation, and furtherance of their damnation , to be made Infidels, Papifts, and fuch as deny the Effentials of Chriftiani- ty, or not t' If not ; then away with Chriftianity and Reformation. Why do we pretend to it our felves t' But if it be; will merciful Rulers fet up a trade for butchering of fouls t' and allow men to let up a (hop of poy Ion, foqllto buy and take that will t' yea to proclaim this for fouls, in ftreets and Church-- . . affemblies'