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Self-will to be denied. will, and you are moved the more to it on that account, yet if your own willsdo lead and make the firft choice, and Gods will be brought in but to follow and encourage yours, this is fill Self-willednefs and Self-idolizing. This is the common trick of theungodly.They firft give way to their own feif-will, and then they will go to Scripture for fomewhat to bear them out; and will needs believe that Gods is agreeable to theirs,that 'fo they may goon with peace Of Confcience. They go for coun- fel to God as Bataan; did, not fincerely to know the will of God with a refoiution to obey it, but with a defire that God would conform his will to theirs. I tell you if the matter be never fo much commanded in the Scriptures, and never fo agree- ate to thewill of God, yet if you defire and do it from your felves, and not for this reafon, becaufe it is the will of God, and do not let Gods will leadyour own, but let your own will lead, and Gods will follow, this is nobetter then felf-willednefs,wece -the matter never fo good in it fell. 3, If the end that moveth your will, be not the fervice and gloryof GoCbut only your own Intereft, this is but/elf-will. God giveth you leave to look to your felves as his Servants in a due fubferviency to him : But if you will principally look at your own intereft, and make light of Gods, and fetch the rea- fonof your will and defires from your own ends and commo- dity, rather then his Glory, this is an ungodly ft/M-will. And yet alas, how many are there that know not any better frame of will then this ? If they weretruly to give an account of the principal reafon and motive of every defire of their hearts,why they would have this, or why they would do that, mull they not confefs it is for themfelves, becaufe it ferveth their own ends or interefts, and becaufe it pleafeth their own wills, and not becaufe it furnifheth them better to ferve and pleafe the will of God. If you ask men in their buying, and felling, and marrying, and trading, and dealing:with men, why it is that theydo this or that ; can they truly fay, I do it becaufe I think in this way I can do God thebell fervice, and theChurch or Commonwealth moft good ; and this is my chief reafon ? Alas, I fear they are too few that have any higher principal end and motive then felf. Self:will is the fpring of their whole Convex.- fationi, 89