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lio Self-interejt, And 1. 'PleaPure, And for Gods fervice, then forne degree of rniflake in the proporti- on would do, and fo would be as great a fin as that which we feared. And therefore our way is quietly and comfortably, without difirading fears or fcrupies, to do our belt, and ufe our prudence with felf-denial, and remember that we have to do with a Father that knows the flefh is weak when the fpirit is willing. But yet wilfully to cat away one cup or one morfel, on the pleafing-of our appetites, when it no way fits us for the fervice of God, and will do us no other good, this is not felf-de- zial but fenfuality. Qnett. But nature knows befl Woos goodfor itPelf, and tkere- fore that which it defireth re to be judged 1,11 : A Beall liveth as healthfully as a wan, that obeyeth hie appetite only. Is it not law- fa! to takeeither meat or drink on this account,- that the Appetite io pleated with it ? Anfw. 1. Some Baits would prefently kill themfelves in plea- fing their appetites, if man that is Rational did not rule, reflrain and moderate them. A Swine will burn hirofelf with whey in half an hour. ABeall in new after-grafs will furfet, if he be fuffered. No Beaft knows poyfon from food, but would loon perifh by it , in obeying his appetite. 2. And yet as a Beaft bath no Reafon, fo he is better provided to live without Rea- fon, then man is. His appetite is not fo corruptedby fin as ours is ! Original fin bath depraved and enraged our appetites. And if man had not more ufe for his reafon then a Beaft even in or- dering his natural aetions, God would not have given him rea- fon to rule his appetite, and commanded him to ufe it herein. And who knows not that ifman did follow his appetite alone as Beafis do, he were like to murder himfelf the next day or week, or at leaft in a very little fpace ? The appetite would prefently carry unto that for quality, or quantity, or both, that would callus into mortal difeafes and loon make an endof us : And in thole difeafes, the pleating it ufually would be certain death. And indeed this is a beaPcly doarine, that man that bath reafon to rule his fenfual inclinations,fhould lay it by and pleafe his ap- petite without it like a brute! what more do all Gluttons, and Drunkards,and Whoremongers,but follow their flefhly defires ? And if the delires of the flefh might be followed, who would not be