Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

.16 wantondifeourfe, fon, tobe denied. houfes ; when the Devils fervants are trained up in their very childh000d to hug his Pfalms in the open fireets, and publikely to ferve himwithout fear or fhame ! May not a man conjecture by their education, what trade they are intended for ? They that ferve an apprenticefhip to a trade, are Pure in- tended to live upon ic. One would think by the talk and the fongs of many of our children in the flreets, that the parents had bound them apprentices to a, brothelhoufe, and intended that their trade fhould be fornication, whoredom, and all un- cleannefs 1. why elfe do they learn the art of talking of it, but in order to the art of prat` .fing it ? Sure lam, they are theap- prenticesof Satan : and a doleful cafe-it is to think on ; that as the Turks do take the children of Chriftians, and breed them up to be their Army of Janizaries, to fight againft Chriftians as their floweft Souldiers, when theycome to age;, fo the De- vil and their own parents do take the Children that in baptifrn were dedicated once toChrift, and lifted under his command,, and, they teach them to fight againft Chrift, by curling, and railing, and (wearing, and mocking at Godlinefs, and by baw- dy longs and ribbaldry. Chrift telleth us that Obit of the abix- dance of the heart the ?moth ileaketh ; and therefore they can- not in reafon blame us, if we judge of their hearts by their tongues : for ,though the tongue be toooften better then the heart, it is feldom worfe. And rarely if many of our wretched neighbours may be judged of by this rule of Chrift, we mull needs conclude that they have !artful, filthy adulterous hearts ?' what elfecan we think. of them when their difcourfe and fongs are filthy, but that their hearts are filthy ? Chrift bath war- ranted us to conclude, that rotten fpeeches come from the abundance of a rotten heart. Young people, I befeech you regard your credit, if you regard not your falvation, Will you. openly proclaim in the ears of the world that you are trained: foldiers of the Devil, learning to be whores and whoremongers,. or that youhave lull and whoredom in your hearts ? Is it your meaning to tell this to all the town ? what doth it in your mouths, if it be not in your hearts ? will you not judge by a mans language what Country man he is ? If he fpeak Welfh, YOtel think he is a Welfb. man if Irifh, you'l thinii lie is an. Irifhi