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8 idle andworldly talk to be denied. without diftafle and rebuke. Haye you nothing but filthinefs, and the fervice of the Devil, and the wrath of ( ad to play with, and to makemerrywith. Prov.10.23. [It is a Ion to a fool to do mifchief 1 I may well fay of this, as Solomon of ano- ther fin, Prov. 26.18,1 9. [As a madman that ca.fleth firebrands, arrows and death, fo is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and faith, Amnot I in ifiort ?] Its mad (porting with fin efpeci- ally to choofe it purpofely for a recreation ; and fpecially fuch an odious fin as this that infeeteth others, and banifheth all gracious edifying conference, and increafeth the corruption of the mind, and prepareth people to a&ual whoredom, felf- pol- lution, and abhominable uncleannefs : for thoughts and words are but preparatives to deeds. CH AP. XXI* idle andworldly talk-to be denyed. 4. ANother part of fenfmility to be denyed, is , Idle and worldly talk, which moll' men make their daily recreation. It is not to be made light of that Chrill himfelf bath told you, t hat for every idle word Men Pillgiveaccount in theday of Yudge- ment, Matth. Lz.3 6,37. fuch an account as that they (hall be charged onyou as fins ; and if they be not repented of, and par- doned through the bloodof Chrifl, they will be your condem- nation as well as greater fins. By idle words is meant, not only all wicked, and all lying words, which are vain in a high degree and worfe ; but alfo ufelefs unprofitable fpeeches that tend not to /any good, and which you have no call to fpeak, Tit. 3.9. And that which the ApofIle calls [ foolifh talking Eph.5.4. When hat Chriflianwifdom is left out that fhould guide and fea fon our fpeech, and direft it to forme good end : efpecially when by vain jelling men will make foolsofthemfelves topleafe others : or when they lay by Chriflian gravity, and by jelling affect to become ridiculous, Eph 5.4. much more whenmen jell with holy thing;, and fpeak unreverently, contemptuoully or