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The Epifile Dedicatory. ing hated : For among fuchdiverfity of opin'ons, it is impoilible for us to comply with all, if we draft be falle to the known truth, and durft become the fervants of men, and make every Pel conceited Brother the Matter of our Faith. I f we are fo reviled, becaufe we are againft an Univerfal Liberty of (peaking or writ- iig againtt the truths and wales of Chrift, and of la- bouring in Satans harveft, to the dsidmgof the Chur- ches and thedamn tion of fouls, it is then in the up- (hot, becaufe we are ofany Religion, and are not de- {pliers of the Gofpel, and of the Church, and of mens tr-lvation and becaufe we believe in Jefus Chrift. I have lately found by their exclamations, and common deramations, and threatnings, and by the Volumes of reproaches that comeforth againft me , and by the fwarms of lyes that have been fent forth again ft me through the Land, that even the prefent Contrivers of England, Mifery ( Liberty, I would fay ) andof Tole- ration for Popery, and more, are themfelves unable to bear contradidion from one fuch an inconfiderable per- fon as my felt; and they have got it into the mouthes of fouldiers, that my writings are the of wars, and that till I give over writing, they (hall not give over fighting ( though I do all that I am able to do for Peace ). And if this he fo, what a cafe would they bring the Nation into, by giving far greater Liberty to all , then ever I made ufe of ! Unlefs they flill except a Li- berty of contradiaing themfelves, they muft look for other kind of ufage, when Libertinifm is fet up. Yea if they will leek the ruineof the Church and Caufe of Chrift, they muft look that we fhould take Liberty to contradidt them, and to fpeak for Chrift and the fouls of men, till they have deprived us of tongues, or pens, or