Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Epifile Dedicatory. fore wifer in their receffe, then in their afpirinv ? and therefore that its folly to be, ambitious, and wifdom to contemn the world: why elle do dying men molt contemn it ? Dearfriend, you'l think of there things more underftandinglyand more feelingly one of theCe dayes, when you come to dye, then you can do now. I would not for all the world have been without the advantages of looking death fo often in the face, as I have done fence you firft knewme. I f I have been but a while without this fight, and have but conceited that yet I have many years tolive, alas, how it hath, enervated my Knowledge and my Meditations So that twenty times thinking the fame holy thoughts, will not do Co much as once will do, when I feem to be nearer my everlafting ftate. And what cloth worldly greatnefs add to your real worth in the eyes of God or of wife men? Magiftracy as a thing Divine L honour : But Tames hath taught me, not to be partial to the rich as rich, and call up the man with thegold ring and gay attire, and fay to the poor,Sit there at my footflool. As to be proud of fine cloaths is a childith or womanifh piece of folly, below a man : fo to be proud of vidories, and dignities,and wealth,and worldly honours, is the vanity of an Infidel or Atheift, and below a Chriftian that hath the hopes of heaven. Ifa man be holy, he is above his worldly greatnefs, and beareth it as his burden, and feareth it as his fhare. And if he be Carnal, he is the fatter in his rnifery ; and golden fetters are ftronger then any o- thers. A pebble- ftone on the top of At/as is but a pebble: and a pearl is a pearl in the bottom of the tea. A nettle an the topof a mountain is but a nettle : and a cedar in the loweft valley is a cedap% If God dwell with