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The Epifile Dedicatory._ or accommodate our (kill. You brought me into the tvliniftry : I amconfident youknow to what ends,and with wharintentions I defiled it : I was then veryjg- norant, young and raw : Though my vveaknefs be yet fuch as I muff lament, I muff fay, to the praife of the great Shepherd of the flock, that he bath fence then- afforded me precious opportunities, much affiftance , and as much encouragement as to any man that I know alive. You know my education and initial weaknefs was fuch as forbiddeth me to glory in the flefh : But I will norrob Goctof his Glory , toavoid the appearance of oftentation, left I be proud of feerrt ing not to be prothi: I doubt not but many thou land. fouls will think you, when they have here read that you were the man that led me into the Miniftry. And fliall I entertain a fufpition, thatyou will ever hearken to thole men, that would rob you of the reward of many fuch ;corks, andengage you againft the King of Saints e Isnt gain, or eafe, or worldly advantages that continueth me in this work e Let me fpeak as a fool Peeing it is for the Lord in imitation of Pi,d that wax no fool. Was I not capable of Secular and Military advancement as well as others that-are grown great'? Did I ever follicite you lo much as for my arrears ( which is many hundred pounds ) tf You could Pearce do the thing that would gratifie my flea) more, thentO, filenceand depofe rile from theMinary. Might I con fult with the flefh, I fhould be more againft my own employment then many of my enemies are. Did I but turn,Phyfitian, I could- get more worldly wealth : And my Patients would not be fo froward, and quarrel- forn,and unthankful, as molt Minifters find their car- nal auditors to be. When men come-to me- for Phy-; ( c 3 ) tick