Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

A Dialogue of Self-_Degyale Flefh. Spirit. Flefh. Hat ! become Nothing ! ne'reperfveade me to it. God made me Something : and Ile not undo it-. Spirit. Thy Something is not thine, but his that gave it. Refign it tohim, if thou mean to fave it. Flefh. Godgave me Life : and(ball I choofe to die Before my time ? or pine in miferie? Spirit. God is thyLife : If then thou feareft death Let himbe all thy foul, thypulfe, and breath. Flefh. What ! muft I hate myfelf? When as my brother Muff' love me ? and Imay not hate another ? Spirit. Loath what is loathfom : Love God in the reft He truly love's himfelf, that love's God belt. Flefh. Doth Godour eafe and pleafure to usgrudge Or doth Religion makea man a drudge Spirit. That is thy Poyfon which thou talleft Pleafure And that thy drudgery which thou count'L thy treafure. Y y