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The Preface. ..,,..... of thecreature, then in the love ofGod ; andin thepleafures of the fiefh, then in the holy courfe thatpleafethGod. The third_gate , is theftate of Love : andnone but this is a_gate of true Self-denyal, and of 7uflification and Sdvation. When we reach to this, we are fincere : we have then the Spirit of Adoption, dilpofing us to go to God as to a Father. But this Love is not in thefame degree in all the fanaified. Threedegrees of it we may diftinElly obferve. 1. Oft-times in the beginning of a trueConverfion,though thefeed of Love is calk into the foul, and the Convert had rather enjoy God, then the world, and hadrather live in perfect holinefs, then in any fin, yet Fear is fo aFtive,that hefcarfe obferveth the workings of the Love of Godwithinhim : He is fo taken up with the fenfe of fin and miftry, that he bath littlefenfe oflove toGod, and perhaps may doubt whether he loathanyor none. 2. When thefe Fears begin a little toabate ,and the foul bathat. rainedfomewhat of the fenfe of Gods Love to itPelf, it Loveth himmore obfervably, and bathfame leifure to think the riches of his grace, and of his Infinite excellencies, andattraRivegood- nefs,andnot only to'Love him becaufe he Loveth us, andbath been Mercifurto us , but alfo becaufe he is Goodnefs it felf , and we were made to Love him. But yet in this middle degree of Love, the foul is much mare frequently and fenfibly exercifed in minding it felf then God , and in Studying its own pre- fervation, then the honour and intereft of the Lord. In this _Pate itis, that Chriftiansare almoft all upon the enquiry after mark! of Grace in themfelves ; and asking [How shall I know that I have this or that grace , and that I perform this or that du- ty in fncerity, and that I am reconciled to God , and shall be faved ?1 Which are needful queftions , but Jhould not be more ingedon, then queftions about our duty and the Intereft of Chrift. In this_gate, though a Chriftian hath the Love of God, yet having much of his antient Fears, and Self-love , and the Love of Godbeing yet too weak, he is much more inftwdying his Safety then his Duty ; and asketh oftner , How may I be fore that I am a true believer ? then, What is the duty of a true believer ? There is yet too much of Self in his Religion. 3. In the third degree of Love to God, thefoul is ordinarily and