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The Preface. holy Rule andpattern ! rievorts cafe ! how rare are felf-deny- ing men ? Nothing in the word doth more allure me , that the number that fhall bePaved are Veryfew : When Nothing is more evident in Scripture, then that bone but the felf-denying Ad be fined : and nothing moreevident in the world, then that fell-deny ingmen are very ew. Would (4'od but excufe n in this onepoint,. and take, up with preaching and praying , and numbering our raves with theftrilteft party,: then,' Aoold hope that many con:- paratively wouldbefwved. he give men leave tofeekthem- !elves in a Religious way, and to be zealous only from a felfifh principle , and would he but Abate men this felf-denyal and the fuperlativeLove of God, IIh&-d hope true godlinefs were not rare. Butif fa-der/Tat be the mark, -At nature of a Saint , and this as effeiled by the Love of God, then alas , how thin are they in the world ! andhowweakis grace even in thofe few ?' is the dailygrief of myfoul to obferve, how the world is captiva- tedto it s ELF; andwhatforay this odious fin cloth bearamong thefcrwardeft profeffors of Religion.; andhowblindmen are that will not fee it; and that it hath fo far prevailed that fewmen la- ment it, or ftrive againft it, or will bear the moft foitableremedy, 'Alas, when we have prevailed with carelefs fouls', to mindtheir falvation,to read, and pray, and hold communionwith the godly , elfrulfeemli,e11-Tujlifeed Chriffiaes, howfew are brought to felf- denyal and howftrong is Selfftill in thefefew ? What a mail- titude that feem of the higheft form in zeal , and opinions, and duties, delude themfelves with a feififh kind of Religioufnefs ? Andir grieveth myfoul to think, hold little the moft excellent meansprevail , even with Profeffors themfelves , againft this fin ! What abundanceof labour feemethto be loft,that we beftow againfl- it ? When I have preached over all thefe following Ser- mons againft it ( though grace bath made them dratual with Tome,yet ) felfithnefsRill too muchbears fway in many that heard them. 0 what a rooted fie- is this 1 Flow powerful, andat- flinate r Men thatfeem diligently tohear, andlike the Sermon, and write it, and repeat. it when theycome home, andcommend it, 410 yet continuelelfifh. Andthey that walkevenly and charitably "..,,,among us in all appearance, as long as they are fmoothly dealt bath,when once they are but tocht , anicroff in their lelf-inte-