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Tile Preface. their commodity or reputation, by an injury, yea or by juilice or neceiTary reproof ; and then fee what they will prove j 0 that the Devil could not truly604of thoufands that by afew foul words, or by croging their felfAvillednefs, hecanmake, them fleakevil of their neighbours, and fill them withmalice and bit- ternefs agairift their &well friends. Oh where are the men that maintain their Love, and Meek,nefs, andConcord , any longer then they are pleated , and their wills and interefis are complyed with,or notmuch contradifled .P Be_lides what Ihave more largelyfpoke,n of this mailer com- mon fin, in thefollowing difcourfe , take noticehere of afew ofthe difeoverics of it. Obferve but the ftriving that there is for Command and Dignity, and Riches, and this even among Profeffors of Religi- on, andjudge by this Whet her they are felf-denying men. who is it fer but theinfelves tka-men make fuch flir, for offices, and honours, rwd pLees of fupericrity ? Surely if it were for the good bf others, they would not be fo eager and fo forWro;d. We C497,Ut perceive that their Charity isf9 hot , as to make them fo Ambitioam to beferviceable to their Brethren. If that be it, let them keep their fervice tillit be defiredor mileh needed, andnot be fo eager to do men goodaping their Wills , and Without neceffity. As Greg. Mag. faith of the Minifiry E si non ad elationis culpam fed ad utilitatem adipifci dedderat, prius viresfuas cum eoquidem fubiturus onere rnetiatur : ut & impar abfii- neat & ad id cum metu cui fe fufticere exiftimat accedat. Men ufe not to be ambitious of ditty or trouble. He that defireth Government ultimately andprincipally for himfelf, dejireth Ty- ranny, andnot a lawful Government , Whole ultimate end is the wr_air mongood. And will not the wrr-th of the King of Kings be nolled without fo much ado, nor Hell be purehafed at cheaper rates, then allthe contrivance,cares andhaz.<rds, that ambitious men do dra9,7 upon themfelves ? 0 arnbitio, (inquit Bernardits) ambientiurn crux,quomodo omnes torques? Omnibus places, nil acrius cruciat, nil moleftics inquietat,nil tamen apudmife- ros mortales celebrius negotris ejus. ] Wonderful ! that- fuch abindant warning tameth notthefe proudafpiring minds ! They fet up or admired them butyefterday, Whom theyfee taken down and